Litra Torch – Professional Adventure Lighting In Your Pocket

Litra Torch – Professional Adventure Lighting In Your Pocket

Here at Gadget Flow, we strive to showcase the highest quality of products on the market. Boy, do I have a treat for you: the Litra Torch. Adventure lighting might not seem like something you need – do you really need a light to go on an adventure, to be outside? If you are a photographer or videographer pursuing the golden hour of light, you’ll need the Litra Torch to find your way through the darkness. What about for working on your car in a poorly lit space? Litra Torch solves that, too. It can even work as studio lighting if you need some lightweight, portable, and easy to set up lights for when you aren’t shooting in your studio space. The uses of the Litra Torch are limited only by your imagination. This incredible light features:

– Waterproof and military grade exterior casing

– Professional studio lighting in your pocket

– Compatiblilty with GoPro Session accessories

Litra Torch - Professional Adventure Lighting In Your Pocket

Stupendous Build Quality

At its core, the Litra Torch is comprised of 8 powerful LEDs with up to 2200 Lumens of illuminating power. The smooth beam leaves no hot spot in the middle for consistently lit scenes. It’s easy to use and has a battery life of up to 7 hours.

The build quality of the Litra Torch is obvious the moment you pull it out of the box. It’s solid and surprisingly weighty thanks to the rigid aluminum construction. It helps with heat distribution as well as improving grip. There’s also an included silicone sleeve to further protect you from the heat.

As for the toughness, I can personally verify the durability. I used the light as studio lighting, outdoor lighting, underwater night-time lighting, and even as a light for working on my car. There are no adverse effects noted, not even when I dropped a car tire on it. I was able to dust off the Litra Torch and immediately put it back to work.

Litra Torch - Professional Adventure Lighting In Your Pocket

Insane Lighting Potential

The Litra Torch has so many uses and I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface. The first night I had the Litra Torch, I worked in my garage on my car and used it to light the wheel well because it was so much brighter than the other flashlights I own. Plus, thanks to the wide angle light beams, I didn’t have to reposition the Litra Torch as much thus saving me some time and patience. Even better, the included accessories allowed me to clip the Litra Torch to the front of a hat and provide me with more light than a typical head gear light system.

Speaking of accessories, the Litra Torch is compatible with the GoPro Session accessories thanks to its size but also comes with some of its own. These include a shoe mount, a magnetic clip, light filters, light diffusers, and a hand grip. A lot of these accessories are combinable as well thanks to the screw mounts which also provide compatibility with standard camera tripod mounts which is excellent for setting up lighting in a studio setting.

Litra Torch - Professional Adventure Lighting In Your Pocket

As a potential safety warning, do not look directly into the Litra Torch at any point. Even at the lowest setting, it can cause some discomfort and potentially damage your eyes. I highly recommend working with the filters and the white silicone covers as much as possible when the lighting is directly facing your eyes. If they’re lighting a backdrop, the precautions are not as necessary; just be careful!

Litra Torch - Professional Adventure Lighting In Your Pocket

What We ❤️

Build quality, lighting strength, portability, and compatibility. The Litra team really thought of everything which is going to make the next section super difficult to write!

Litra Torch - Professional Adventure Lighting In Your Pocket

Future Designs

The Litra Torch itself is perfect so my only wish is for more accessories.


Litra website

– Pledge: $79.95 USD

– Delivery: 3 days max

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