LUPI Stands For an Eco-Friendly Smartphone Cover That Encourages the Use of Earbuds Without Any Tangle

LUPI Stands For an Eco-Friendly Smartphone Cover That Encourages the Use of Earbuds Without Any Tangle

According to the World Health Organization, “A person using a mobile phone 30–40 cm away from their body – for example when text messaging, accessing the Internet, or using a “hands free” device – will have a much lower exposure to radiofrequency fields than someone holding the handset against their head”. This information surely puts headphones and earbuds a lot in the limelight and does make them a good option to save yourself from maximum mobile radiofrequency exposure. But for those who are still not prone to using cordless earbuds, it’s a pain to think of carrying a headset, only to find it all tangled up and messy at frequent intervals.

Infact, it is actually one of the major reasons why inspite of having headsets, many of us often prefer not to use them on the road or during emergencies. Untangling earbuds is not a pleasant encounter for any headset user and no matter what cord organizer you use, the whole process of putting them to use while you’re on the move is pretty impractical at times. Imagine untangling earbuds in a busy subway and missing your train just because you were too engrossed in those messed up cords! It’s time the world could do with a more convenient solution to such a problem which can be incorporated in your daily lifestyle especially when you’re on the go. Built with the idea of optimizing your health and protecting the environment at the same time, LUPI smartphone cover from Luke Pickett currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter encourages the use of headphones in your life without going through any cord tangle.

LUPI Kickstarter campaign

A Smartphone Case That’s 100% Eco-Friendly

Unlike most smartphone covers available today, LUPI is 100% recyclable and has been made keeping the environment sustainability in mind. It’s a simple and efficient phone case which will not only keep your phones away from unwanted damage but will also have your headsets compactly stored in a way such that you can use it wisely whenever required. No tangles or messy wires; your headsets can now be stored in a more organized way so that you can use them without undergoing any hassle be it in a busy street or inside a crowded departmental store. That way, your body exposure to radiation is also reduced as frequent use of headsets will keep you away from direct body contact with phones especially when you’re making long calls on the go. It was after 12 months of rigorous research and development when Luke Pickett came up with this ergonomic concept that helps you make the most out of your smartphone experience without compromising your health.

LUPI eco-friendly Kickstarter project

Increase the Use of Headphones in Your Life

What makes LUPI even more special is the fact that this Kickstarter project aims to enhance the environment sustainability by donating its’ profits on projects that are both environment friendly as well as help in optimizing your health. As told on the Kickstarter page, “LUPI is the start of a movement. A movement that creates products and systems that enable you to optimise your health and protect the environment.” In order to keep the Kickstarter stretch goal minimum, LUPI has currently stuck onto the more popular smartphone models such as Samsung Galaxy 5S, iPhone 5/5S and iPhone 6/6 Plus. On successful completion of project and delivery, they are sure to come up with more models for other smartphone brands in the near future. Apart from the black and white versions, LUPI has three colorful versions too in blue, peach and lime green for those who love to see their phones a bit more vibrant and energetic. A minimum pledge of $33 AUD will get you your first LUPI once the project becomes successful on Kickstarter. Given the environment friendly approach this smartphone cover follows, LUPI is definitely one of my favorite eco-friendly phone accessories till date. Say goodbye to tangled earbuds and increase the use of headphones for a more healthy lifestyle. Happy Gadgeting!

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