It Looks Like a Normal Mirror, but MirroCool Is Packed with Smart Tech

It Looks Like a Normal Mirror, but MirroCool Is Packed with Smart Tech

It is surprising how often humans defy reason. As an example, consider what time of day you most often look in the bathroom mirror. The answer is probably the morning — the period when literally no-one looks good. Of course, confronting your horrific, fresh-out-of-bed reflection is a necessary evil in the morning routine. The folks who created the MirroCool smart mirror are well aware of this. As a result, they packed their product with technology to help you prepare for the day ahead.

– MirroCool recognizes your face via the built-in HD camera

– Syncs with your other devices to display your schedule, the weather forecast, and more

– Gesture controls allow you to take a selfie with a cheeky wink!

Not Your Normal Mirror

Only a partner knows you better than your mirror. That polished pane of glass has seen you from every side, in every condition. It helps you cover up zits and remove the food from between your teeth. What’s more, your mirror can be trusted. The reflection it provides is always scrupulously fair, however hard you might try to fool it.

MirroCool wants to take an even greater role in your life. This smart mirror recognizes your face, even after a late night. It then delivers useful information each morning via a subtle built-in display. Consequently, you can prepare both your appearance and your mind for the day ahead.

Packed with Smart Tech

Until the display switches on, MirroCool appears to be a nicely made regular reflector. The glass is precisely ¼ inch thick and treated with a silver nitrate coating. This provides a smooth, highly reflective finish. In addition, the edges are polished or beveled, and you can add one of four stylish frames.

smart tech mirror 4

But beneath the silvery finish, this mirror is all technology. Firstly, the mirror uses facial recognition software in combination with an HD camera. This allows MirroCool to recognize you and everyone else in your family. For each bathroom visitor, the mirror delivers a personal greeting.

[tweet_box]The mirror displays key events in your schedule, along with updates on the weather[/tweet_box]

Furthermore, MirroCool connects with your other devices to gather useful information. The mirror displays key events in your schedule, along with updates on the weather outlook. It can also access your to-do list, check the morning traffic, and alert you to incoming messages.

smart tech mirror 2

Wink to Selfie

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of MirroCool is the control system. A touchscreen mirror wouldn’t work well with smudgy fingers, so MirroCool uses gestures instead. You can scroll through the functions simply by tilting your head left or right.

smart tech mirror 1

Likewise, you can wink at the mirror to take a selfie. MirroCool actually comes with cloud storage for these photos. Additionally, the camera will spot and capture unrecognized intruders.

“MirroCool is a state-of-the-art smart mirror that transforms into your personal assistant, when you need it the most, in front of the mirror as you are getting ready to head out for your day or evening.”

“It provides convenience and personalization in an unbeatable combination. It comes with a built-in HD camera that recognizes individual faces, making the whole experience not only totally interactive, but secure as well.” — MirroCool on Kickstarter

smart tech mirror 3

What We ❤️

Getting a morning briefing while you tame your bed hair. That has got to save precious minutes in the rush.

Future Designs

Different sizes would be nice; maybe even a pocket version for updates while you apply your lippy!


– Kickstarter: Until August 25th

– Pledge: $139 USD

– Delivery: September 2017

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