Mockas are matching loafers that run in the family

Ever wished you could share the comfort of your favorite loafers? Well now you can. With sizes to fit kids and adults, Mockas matching loafers are perfect for fathers and sons.

Mockas are matching loafers that run in the family
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  • What’s the difference between loafers and moccasins? Moccasins have laces, loafers don’t. In addition, they are generally made from different materials.
  • Where can I buy affordable handmade loafers? Head over to the Mockas Kickstarter page. These hand-crafted shoes are available in adult and child sizes.

Normally speaking, kids aren’t that keen to replicate their parents’ fashion sense. In fact, anything you wear will instantly be consigned to the dustbin of uncoolness.

However, there are exceptions. Loafers are too darn comfortable to dislike. Besides, you mostly wear them around the house anyway.

If you want to get that “like father, like son” look, the matching loafers from Mockas will be right up your street. These high-quality shoes are perfect for relaxing in your backyard and messing around at the park.

Why matching loafers?

Good question. Most loafers look alike. They’re all a similar shape and made of similar materials, after all.

That said, you can definitely tell the difference when it comes to quality. Some loafers are just softer and more stylish than others.

[tweet_box]With sizes to fit kids and adults, Mockas matching loafers are perfect for fathers and sons.[/tweet_box]

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Like father, like son

Mockas loafers definitely fall into that top bracket. Made from top-grain Nubuck and Gumi leather, they are hand-stitched in Peru for that premium look.

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Premium quality with moulded soles

They also have pre-molded rubber soles with multiple sections, meaning they can bend with your foot. In essence, this is a pair of loafers with a moccasin sole.

For fathers and sons

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Share the comfort

Fathers and their sons lead very different lives. While Dads have to take charge of the BBQ and watch every football game, their mini alter egos must battle for Fortnite supremacy and fill every garment with mud.

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Great for getting active

But when you think about it, fathers and sons have similar requirements when it comes to footwear. They both need something comfortable and casual that is also hardwearing and good-looking.

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Perfect for everyday wear

From this perspective, it kinda makes sense that Mockas loafers come in mens and kids sizes. In fact, you can buy them in Father and Son packs.

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Many styles to choose from

While older offspring may baulk at the idea, many younger kids will be happy to emulate their parents. From a parental perspective, it’s nice to know that these shoes are well made. At least these ones should last until your kids need a bigger size.

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Affordable luxury

The other great thing about these loafers is the price. You would expect handmade shoes to be really expensive, but you can grab a child’s pair for just $36. That’s truly affordable.

“Kids use dressing up to embody a character’s persona. Who better to imitate than dad, their real-life superhero? Mockas is the only brand of loafers with matching pairs for dads and sons.” — Mockas on Kickstarter

What we ❤️

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The full package

The quality of these loafers is exceptional. Made from Peruvian leather, by third-generation shoemakers — how authentic is that?

Girls too?

The marketing message makes sense, but we feel like moms and daughters would appreciate a shoe like this. It would be great to see some female styles in the near future!


– Kickstarter: Until October 5th

– Pledge: $36 USD

– Delivery: December 2018

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