Panther Alpha Mini Supercomputer is the Total Package

Panther Alpha Mini Supercomputer is the Total Package

Advances in technology mean we can have more access in the tiniest packages. We get pristine audio from compact earplugs, an entire OS on our wrists, and everything is available on the go. However, the one item that would be ideal to bring everywhere is too cumbersome: our desktop computers. But, all that changes with the Panther Alpha Supercomputer. This device:
– offers powerful processing
– is super fast
– can be taken anywhere

The Panther Alpha is the answer to many problems we have with computers. From its compact size to its silent operation, it can do it all.

Mini Supercomputer, Maximum Power

The Panther OS runs on Linux. With this, it instantly has an easy to use interface. But, the Panther Alpha has so much more than a pretty (and totally customizable) face. It features more stable Wi-Fi signals as well as super fast transmission speeds. That means you can transfer, download, transmit, and stream at speeds you’ve never experienced. In fact, the entire system runs about 45% faster than Raspberry Pi 3. Thanks to the lack of moving parts and fans, the Panther Alpha remains totally silent, too.

Mini Supercomputer

Take It Everywhere

With the Panther Alpha, you can take everything you need on the go. The sleek square measures just 4.25 inches wide and deep and sports a height of just .61 inches. For comparison, the iPhone 7 measures 5.44 inches long. Toss in your bag, purse, or even your pocket and you’re good to go.

Mini Supercomputer

Whole Lotta Functionality

Despite its ultra compact size, the Panther Alpha can really deliver. It features a 2GHz Quad Core Processor as well as 2GB of memory. In addition, it has 32GB of on-board storage so you can always access your documents and media. The Panther Alpha also offers increased security, full customization with its software, and incredible support. It’s the total package but in a sleek and compact package.

In addition, the Panther Alpha has Bluetooth connectivity for access to your headphones, mouse, keyboard, speakers, and more. Finally, the system has HDMI2.0 for impeccable video and audio quality. Laymen’s terms: 4K Ultra HD has never looked this good.

Mini Supercomputer

What We Love

When it comes to modern devices, size does matter and the Panther Alpha revolutionizes this fact. This level of computing in a portable device is a big plus for us.

What We’d Like to See in the Future

While there’s also a Panther Alpha Pro with even more to offer, we’d love to see a larger processor for bigger projects.

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