PlayBase Introduces a Breakthrough Play Equipment For Modern Kids

PlayBase Introduces a Breakthrough Play Equipment For Modern Kids

Today’s kids are smart and virtually prone to winning battles and conquering nations every day. In fact, statistics say that children spend more than seven and a half hours a day in front of a screen which could be anything from a TV to a gaming console. While this is helping them build up their computing knowledge, it’s also degrading their physical activity hours to a large extent. You’ll be surprised to know that only one in three children are physically active every day. This is a hard blow on their future which will not only require an intelligent generation but a healthy generation as well.

Moreover, many of us live in congested localities these days (thanks to the increasing population!) because of which most kids don’t get the opportunity to play around in open grounds too often. Since space is limited, you can’t always give them a fancy playhouse and are stuck with a gaming console instead. But it’s time we should think again! Is this what we want our future generation to be like? There’s a reason why the virtual world is “virtual” and our kids need to know this difference. So, what you should do is not get rid of the gaming console but include a play equipment like the PlayBase in your kid’s life. Let them enjoy both worlds together and grow up into a mature individual both physically and mentally sound.

PlayBase play system for kids

Comes With 25 Play Modules

PlayBase is unlike any play equipment you’ve seen before. This is because it grows with your child and gives them maximum variety during their play hours. It’s a highly modular, multi-use, home and garden equipment which includes 25 modules covering play, sports, relaxation, exercise and sleep. Out of these, 15 modules are for outdoor activities whereas 10 modules are more targeted for indoor use.

PlayBase for kids

To be more specific, the outdoor activities include a Trampoline, Human Gyroscope, Play Net, Magic Castle, Wobble Net, Sunken Castle, Stage, Center Stage, Play Deck, Donut Bar, Climbing Net, Tennis Trainer, Sports Wall, Hammock and Floating Sun Deck. The indoor activities, on the other hand, includes a King + Bed Base, Castle Bed, Floating Bed Base (deck), Floating Bed Base (netting), Standard + Bed Base, Little Castle Bed, Sport Kit Basket, Ball Basket, Floating Hammock and a Study Table. Now you can very well imagine how cool this play system could be for your kids.

PlayBase for kids gyroscope

Save Space Without Compromising On Your Kid’s Activity

The most attractive feature of PlayBase is the fact that this 2.4m Aluminium structure is easily interchangeable into all the modules mentioned above. So you buy one equipment for your child but get to give them 25 different modules instead. That will definitely save a lot of space without compromising on your kid’s physical activity hours. The curved structure of the entire system is visually pleasing which can always add to your home decor. Even the materials used come with a high factor of safety and can be left outside without worrying about having them corroded over time. The team has also thought of future improvement plans which will make PlayBase an evolving product your kids and their next generations would love to use forever.

PlayBase play system

Easily Interchangeable and Designed to Last

PlayBase comes with three modes of operations using which you can easily interchange from one module to another. As described on their website, “Upright, used for modules that are either fixed vertical in orientation or rotate about one or more axis, Basket, used for modules that sit on a raised horizontal base and Lower Basket, used for modules that sit on a lower horizontal base.” The new add-on modules that are under development will include features such as 360° powered video game interface. Having said that, I think this product is truly a valuable gift for your kids they’ll love to enjoy in their growing years. The product is coming up soon on Indiegogo at an introductory rate.

PlayBase for kids review

To keep yourselves updated on the launch and for pre-order, feel free to get in touch with the team right here. Let your child feel the pleasure of a trampoline not in a duvet cover anymore. Playing games in the real world is an activity every kid deserves to enjoy sometime in their life for sure. Happy Gadgeting!

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