How Can You Make Your Kids Love Exercise? Try PlayGoal

How Can You Make Your Kids Love Exercise? Try PlayGoal

Being a parent today is more challenging than ever. Along with the age-old concerns of schooling and nutrition, modern moms and dads have to manage the digital world. Unless you have a gameplan, your kids can quickly become addicted to screen time. PlayGoal offers an easy way to take control of the online realm. This smart activity tracker records how much time your kids spend running around, and rewards them with screen time. It might just make them love exercise.

– Wearable tracker measures all kinds of exercise, from walking to jumping jacks

– Connects with Android and Kindle devices to restrict online time

– Helps you keep an eye on your kids’ well-being with detailed activity stats

Love Exercise

As adults, we know exactly what we should be doing to stay healthy. It’s obvious to us that salad is kinder on our insides than a greasy burger. Likewise, taking the stairs is better than riding the escalator. But these facts are not so obvious for kids. They also seem unimportant to young minds, supported by fresh legs.

For a parent, however, there is nothing more important than the well-being of your offspring. PlayGoal helps you encourage a healthy lifestyle, while still allowing your kids to access fun online stuff. You can create custom challenges, like walking so many steps, and the band even prompts your child to get active.

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The best part? PlayGoal handles this all automatically, and you can manage the system from your phone.

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Hands-Free Parenting

Of course, parenting isn’t a job you can delegate to a wristband. The folks behind PlayGoal are well aware of this. Consequently, they have produced a system that gives total control to mom and dad.

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The band records all kinds of activity, from running around the park to jumping jacks. As a parent, you can set daily targets for these activities. When your child hits the goal, they earn screen time. Again, you set the amount of access.

To share out the digital treats, the PlayGoal band connects to any Android device or Kindle. Until your child hits their targets, the device is locked to little fingers. It’s the ideal way to control Angry Birds and cut down on Snapchatting.

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Health Stats

Like activity trackers made for adults, PlayGoal counts the steps your child takes and the calories they burn. You can view these stats at any time via the companion smartphone app. The band itself also provides feedback on an OLED touchscreen.

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PlayGoal can last for 7 to 10 days on a full charge, and it connects to other devices with Bluetooth. A durable, water-resistant design allows the band to take everyday wear and tear.

“Say goodbye to the daily arguments with your children when trying to take their tablets away. The PlayGoal watch can be set to unlock the device and then will relock it once the predetermined usage time has expired.”

“You determine how much screen time is awarded for physical goals met. 1,000 steps, 50 jumping jacks, a game of tag, or playing at the park can win an hour of screen time. YOU DECIDE!” — PlayGoal on Kickstarter

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What We ❤️

Playing bad cop is never fun. With PlayGoal, there can be no arguments — hit those targets if you want to play!

Future Designs

As adults who struggle to get away from our screens, we feel that an adult version could be popular… 😉


– Kickstarter: Until October 15th

– Pledge: $30 USD

– Delivery: November 2017

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