Does Remote Work Create A More Humanizing Experience?

Does Remote Work Create A More Humanizing Experience?

If you’ve been reading along with the Remote Work series, you know that Gadget Flow is nearly 100% remote in its structure. This even includes sales. Currently, our sales team occupies three continents and represents four different countries, and growing.

Let’s face it, despite the amazing revolutions the internet has brought us, a sale is still a transaction between people. There are unique individuals with unique situations on each end of that transaction. So, how can a deeper human experience happen over the typical channels of remote work?

Does Remote Work Create A More Humanizing Experience?

Questions Create Connection

Here at Gadget Flow, we don’t actually sell – we solve. We solve problems for both companies and individuals. Problems like low audience numbers for crowdfunding campaigns and small sales numbers for a big company’s flagship product. We provide solutions to very distinct problems for very specific customers. However, despite the commonality of the problems, each client is different in their desires and needs. We’d never know this unless we asked deep questions and got to know each person on the other end of the transaction. Emails, live chats, and even phone calls close the distance with remote sales. But in order to create an experience that’s even more human-centered, asking targeted questions with the intent of learning as much as possible about that other human is essential.

Co-Create The Solution

We like to think that we’ve got our finger on the pulse of the crowdfunding market. However, that doesn’t always mean our standard solutions fit every client’s situation. So after we’ve spent time learning who this person is and what makes them so unique, we get the chance to co-create a solution that solves their immediate problems. Humans co-create all the time. Collaborations, team-ups, partnerships, relationships…it’s what we’re designed to do. Remote sales are no different. Distance doesn’t diminish our ability to create custom solutions for our clients. If anything, remote work has opened up opportunities to co-create with thousands more human beings than if we did this work face-to-face.

Does Remote Work Create A More Humanizing Experience?

Follow-Up with Real People

A transaction is an act of trust. The right questions and co-creation help build that trust between both client and sales rep. But, it doesn’t end there. How was the experience working with us? How did the solution help? What else do you need? Just because the sale is finalized doesn’t mean the relationship is over. In fact, it’s just getting started. Following up with our clients to see how they’re doing is a simple thing that goes a long way to humanize the experience. Even over thousands of miles and different time zones, there isn’t one person who doesn’t want to be asked how they’re doing. Simple but powerful questions that open up a conversation after the sale really go a long way to not only repeat business but to truly take care of clients.

It’s amazing that you can launch a product with thousands of customers, in such short time. What’s even more amazing is that most of those customers will remain total strangers, yet still put their trust in you and your product. So, doesn’t it stand to benefit everyone involved if you take a few extra steps to humanize their experience?

They are humans after all.

If you’re looking for a successful launch of your campaign, contact us to start co-creating your solution.

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Adam King works remotely as Gadget Flow's Sales Manager, and as a consultant and coach. He teaches remote companies how to create a more human-centered culture through high-level communication and elite problem-solving skills.
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