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Working Remotely

The AlleyOOP Rocker makes standing more comfortable

What are the advantages of using a standing desk? Standing increases your blood pressure and burns more calories, thus reducing the risk of disease. What is the best adjustable standing desk? Take a browse through our work desks collection for... Continue Reading

Working Remotely

3 Reasons remote work is the best for so many

How popular is remote work? About 43% of Americans work remotely for at least a portion of their job. Can you actually run late if you work from home? Absoutely! If you work within a team, people are depending on... Continue Reading

Working Remotely

5 Smart office gadgets that make video conferencing as easy as can be

Is working remotely easier than going to an office? Working remotely certainly has its perks. You can work from anywhere or even in your pajamas. However, some think that this style of work can heavily reduce productivity. We’re here to prove... Continue Reading

Daily Digest

9 Desk accessories to help you keep a tidy workspace

Is a messy desk really a sign of genius? Some researchers believe so. Disorder seems to be linked with creative thinking. Why is a messy desk bad? While the creative stuff is great, being unable to find what you need... Continue Reading

Working Remotely

The coolest coworking spaces in the world

What is a coworking space? It’s a venue that provides a communal working space for remote workers, freelancers and small teams. What are the benefits of coworking spaces? Working from home can get lonely. Coworking spaces allow you to enjoy... Continue Reading

Featured Posts

Is working remotely easier than going to an office?

Looking for something interesting do to? Tune in to the latest episode of the Gadget Flow podcast! If you’re looking for a new job, the US military might have one for you. In an effort to compete with the high... Continue Reading

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