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Product Stories

Floatdeck makes your standing to work more comfortable

What is a balance board? Think of a skateboard with a curved underside and no wheels. To stay upright, you have to use your body to balance. What are the benefits of using a balance board at work? The unbalanced..

Featured Posts

The coolest coworking spaces in the world

What is a coworking space? It’s a venue that provides a communal working space for remote workers, freelancers and small teams. What are the benefits of coworking spaces? Working from home can get lonely. Coworking spaces allow you to enjoy..

Working Remotely

The new HP Chromebook 14 has a need for speed

What is a Chromebook? It’s a laptop that runs Google’s browser-based operating system, Chrome OS. What can a Chromebook do? Anything that you can do online or on Android. Some new Chromebooks also support native Linux apps. What is the..

Productivity Tips

Want to be more productive? HP’s Spectre 700 wireless mouse can help

What are the best gadgets for productivity? Check out our roundup of time-saving office gadgets. Is it worth upgrading to a wireless mouse? Absolutely. A wireless mouse will give you greater freedom, and remove some cable clutter from your desk...

Product Roundups

8 Smart gadgets for remote workers to improve work and play

Is working remotely better than working in an office? Working remotely certainly has its perks. You can work from anywhere or even in your pajamas. However, some think that this style of work can heavily reduce productivity. We’re here to prove..

Productivity Tips

3 steps to a better remote work experience

More than 55% of hiring managers consider remote work as the new normal. There’s a company that sends remote workers on a 3-month vacation across the US. But even with the craze, it’s still unclear whether the life of a..

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