SkyFloat Can Suspend Your Tablet from Any Ceiling

SkyFloat Can Suspend Your Tablet from Any Ceiling

Of all of the technological advances in the past decade, the tablet may be my favorite. With a large enough screen for films yet a sleek and compact frame, you can take your entertainment with you anywhere. Whether you travel by train or plane, you can always catch up on videos, books, work, or even homework assignments. My only gripe? Holding my iPad in the perfect position absolutely kills my arms. If only I could enjoy my tablet without sacrificing my limbs…

Introducing the SkyFloat, the first magnetic ceiling arm for tablets. With this system, you can view your tablet or smartphone hands-free from anywhere in your home.


I know – it sounds too good to be true but the SkyFloat is the real deal. Totally adjustable, this one device gives you complete freedom with your device. The telescopic handle of SkyFloat uses a powerful neodymium magnet to secure to a metal plate. The included metal plates are backed with a strong adhesive and can be stuck to or screwed into any ceiling in any room. Once the metal plate is in place, you can attach the SkyFloat pole anywhere that’s convenient.


To answer your question: yes, SkyFloat is totally secure. The patent pending design has been carefully and expertly engineered to hold the weight of up to ten tablets. Although it’s easy to move the SkyFloat arm from one metal plate to another, you can rest assured it will never drop your device.


The SkyFloat system is a must-have in every home. From following recipes in the kitchen to finishing a chapter of your e-book in bed, SkyFloat puts your device exactly where you need it and always within arm’s reach. You can also use it for video chats, homework or work, and so much more. The precision-cut mount can also be moved to virtually any angle you desire so you get the full experience without the upper body workout.

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Working with any smartphone, tablet, or phablet on the market and even with the bulkiest of cases, SkyFloat is made of lightweight yet durable aluminum to hold it all. It can remain as short as 1.5 feet or telescopically extend to an impressive six feet – and it even works on angled ceilings.


SkyFloat is currently getting funding on Kickstarter and will soon be a reality. Smashing the original goal, the SkyFloat team have raised a whopping $25k and counting. The campaign ends November 27th so to secure your SkyFloat and two metal ceiling plates, simply donate the Super Early Bird price of only $59. For $79, you can get two additional metal ceiling plates.

How much more will you use your device if you have SkyFloat?

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