8 Smart entertainment accessories you need to try

With so much content now available on demand, it should be easy to find something to fill the evening. These smart entertainment accessories will help you navigate Netflix and pump up the volume on your favorite Spotify playlist.

8 Smart entertainment accessories you need to try
  • What is a universal remote? It is a remote that allows you to control multiple devices — such as your TV, your DVR, your streaming box, and so on.
  • Is it possible to search all streaming sites at the same time? Yes. The Caavo Control Center, included in this roundup, lets you do just that.
  • What are the best smart entertainment accessories? Keep reading to see our top picks, and check out our Home Media collection for more ideas.

When every movie, TV show and album ever made is available on demand, there is never “nothing on”. But finding the content you really want can be a challenge — even if that’s because you can’t find the right remote. These smart entertainment accessories should make it easier to binge on your favorite series and control your devices.

Sideclick Amazon Fire TV Remote Attachment

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Fire TV remote attachment

Own the Amazon Fire TV? This neat little extension adds new controls to your remote. The Sideclick is compatible with numerous TVs, soundbars, Blu-ray players, and other home entertainment devices.

Price: $29.99 USD

Harmony Elite Advanced Universal Remote

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Universal remote

With the Harmony Elite in your hand, you can control your entire entertainment setup. This universal remote from Logitech works with a vast array of devices, and it can even remember your favorite settings for each one. Furthermore, you can access Alexa via the companion app.

Price: $286.43 USD

Blumoo Smart Universal Remote

smart entertainment accessories 07

Blumoo smart remote

Another great option is Blumoo. Instead of a regular remote, this device works in partnership with the Blumoo app on your phone. This allows you to take complete control of 250,000 devices — from DVD players to AC units.

Price: $64.80 USD

[tweet_box]These smart entertainment accessories will help you navigate Netflix and pump up the volume on your favorite Spotify playlist.[/tweet_box]

Chromecast Ultra by Google

smart entertainment accessories 02

Chromecast Ultra

With support for 4K, HDR and Dolby Vision, the latest Chromecast from Google makes it easy to stream high-quality content. In addition, the Ultra loads 1.8 times faster than any previous Chromecast. Along with YouTube, Vudu and Netflix, you will soon be able to stream from Google Play Movies & TV in 4K.

Price: $69 USD

Amazon Fire TV Cube Alexa Streaming Box

smart entertainment accessories 06

Amazon Fire TV Cube

The new Fire TV Cube replaces physical controls with Alexa smarts, meaning you can control your TV using voice commands. This handsome box also doubles as a smart speaker, meaning you can stream music and check the weather on demand.

Price: $119.99 USD

Caavo Control Center Entertainment Hub

smart entertainment accessories 03

Caava Control Center

With multiple HDMI ports, the Caavo Control Center acts as a hub for your entertainment needs. You can enjoy content from Netflix, Amazon, HBO GO, Showtime, Hulu, and even your iTunes account, with full universal search.

Price: $99.95 USD

Bluetooth Media Button by Satechi

smart entertainment accessories 05

Satechi Media Button

This pocket-sized device from Satechi lets you control music playback on your phone without unlocking the screen. The Bluetooth Media Button can be mounted virtually anywhere, and it has a wireless range of 40 feet.

Price: $29.99 USD

Lenovo 500 Windows Multimedia Controller

smart entertainment accessories 04

Lenovo compact keyboard

If you use your PC as a media center, this compact keyboard lets you search and scroll from your sofa. Along with the standard QWERTY arrangement, it has a touchpad and six dedicated media keys.

Price: $31.83 USD

Smart entertainment accessories

What does your home entertainment setup look like? We’d love to see your photos and read your reviews in the comments!

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