StandDesk Promises the Fitness Benefits of Standing Without Losing Any of the Functionality of a Typical Desk

StandDesk Promises the Fitness Benefits of Standing Without Losing Any of the Functionality of a Typical Desk

Are you stuck in a cubicle all day? I myself sit at a computer for the better part of the day simply because of my jobs. I’m a fairly slim and athletic guy but sitting on my butt all day doesn’t help me stay fit. Taking walks is time-consuming and annoying, I’d rather stay at my desk and continue to be productive. Plenty of people want to get fit but find themselves stuck at a desk they can’t get away from and as a result, they have less motivation for work and less motivation for fitness too. A simple solution is a desk that you can stand at and work. However, for the most part, standing desks are clunky and too much or smooth and too little. Somebody decided that there was a middle ground and they built the StandDesk.


Best of Both Worlds

The StandDesk combines the simplicity and sleekness of a thin desk with the functionality of the standing desk. The idea is keeping all the desk space that a large thin desk can offer and add the functionality of an adjustable desk. The result is a premium looking product that can do more than a normal desk. There are two colors options, white and black, and a couple of extra features that would make this desk better than a typical desk, let alone a standing desk.

There’s a electronic control system for raising and lowering the desk. Not just raising and lowering the area where you would have your laptop located, the system raises the entire desk surface so that everything on your desk rises to your level, making it easy to reach everything. Raising desks can be difficult but with the StandDesk, you just push the up or down button until the desk reaches the height you desire and that’s the basic control. The deluxe control has a memory system that will remember your height preferences and assign them to numbered options. Never before has raising and lowering a desk been so easy. There’s even an added cable management tray that attaches to the underside that will help you keep your cables from being a death trap that is so common on the floors of today’s offices.



Without a doubt, the StandDesk is the ultimate combination of the fitness benefits of standing at work and the simplicity of a normal desk. It is a high quality desk and the price reflects that quality but you certainly get a highly functional desk for the price. Is it your next desk?

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