Benefits of standing desk workstations and which one you should buy

How many hours do you spend sitting each day? Each week? Probably way too many. Rather than fulfill a life of countless health issues from prolonged sitting, you can be more productive with a standing desk.

Benefits of standing desk workstations and which one you should buy
  • Is a standing desk better than a regular desk? There’s plenty of research saying how bad prolonged sitting is for your health. Using a standing while you work can keep your body from being too sedentary.
  • How can I be more active at work? Definitely try a standing desk but you should also incorporate a few laps around the office, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and make sure to stay hydrated.
  • Where can I find more tech for the workplace? Check out all the best tech, gadgets, and devices for the workspace here.

While the phrase “sitting is the new smoking” has definitely worn out its welcome, it still rings true. With most of us working 40+ hours a week, we spend a lot of time sitting. From our desks to meetings to our commute; this much sitting is taking its toll.

Sure, you could take laps around your office to keep your blood flowing. But, did you know: experts say we should take a break from sitting every 30 minutes. In fact, you should be standing for at least 15 minutes of every hour. For a traditional desk, this simply isn’t productive.

And, in the event that you do stand for 15 minutes every hour, hunching over your desk isn’t going to cut it. Enter standing desks. They’ve been around for some time now, but brands are modernizing and optimizing new designs with fantastic features.

The benefits of a standing desk workstation are clear and there are plenty of options to choose from. You could go and replace your entire desk with a fully automatic standing desk. Or, you can use a converter to work with the desk you already own. Here are the best standing desks on the market and all the best accessories.

Best standing desks

Autonomous SmartDesk 2 AI Standing Desk
Armed with an electric dual-motor, the SmartDesk 2 uses the power of AI to help you increase your productivity. In fact, it offers smart suggestions for when to change from sitting to standing and vice versa. It’ll even recommend you order food before the lunchtime hunger and irritability set in.

GAZEDESK Flexible Standing Workstation
The Flexible Standing Workstation from GAZEDESK transforms your existing desk so you can sit or stand as you need. It lifts your entire workspace up by over 26 inches, putting it at the ideal height for standing. Plus, the integrated VESA mounts allow you to tilt, swivel, or pivot your monitor for the perfect angle.

NookDesk Adjustable Height Standing Desks
With a variety to choose from, the NookDesk Standing Desks move at an impressive 1.5 inches per second so nothing holds you back from productivity. There are three different tops to choose from ranging from 48 to 72 inches to handle any type of workload.

Fitfit Dual-Colored Electric Standing Desk
Designed with style in mind, Fitfit is a dual-colored electric standing desk that sits on top of your current desk. With a push of a button, Fitfit lifts up or down to your desired height. When you want a change of scenery, just flip over the surface to reveal a fresh color.

VARIDESK Laptop 30 Height Adjustable Standing Desk
Compact and superbly affordable, the Laptop 30 Desk measures just 14 inches deep, making it perfect for your laptop or tablet workstations. It features a patented, spring-loaded mechanism to lift your desk when you want to stand. Holding up to 10 lbs., it moves gracefully in just seconds.

UPERGO Standing Desk Converter
Converting your traditional desk into a standing desk, UPERGO glides effortlessly into position every time. It can hold up to 25 lbs. and features a gas spring mechanism for easy lifting. It also comes fully assembled so you can get to work immediately.

LEVIT8 Flat Folding Portable Standing Desk
For those tight on money and on space, the LEVIT8 is the solution. Made from water-resistant acrylic canvas, it goes from looking like a folder to a standing desk in seconds. In addition to lifting your laptop, it’s also exceptionally easy to carry just about everywhere.

DeskView Lightweight Standing Desk
If you’re going to stand while you work, you might as well have a nice view. The DeskView installs onto any glass surface whether that’s the edge of the boardroom or your balcony. It also works with metal and tile so you can truly work wherever you want.

Best standing desk accessories

Simply standing while you work can improve productivity, but you can also do so much more while you work. These standing desk accessories help you remain comfortable no matter how long you’re working.

EBB + FLO Wooden Surfing Standing Desk Board
As the name suggests, this wooden surfing standing desk board lets you ebb and flow with the motions of your day. You use your weight to remain balanced which happens to engage your core. As a result, your entire body feels the benefits of a standing desk.

VARIChair Pro Standing Desk Chair
What may be holding you back from getting a standing desk is the idea that you can never sit again. But with the VARIChair Pro, you can have a seat when you need it without changing the height of your desk. The chair keeps you at a standing angle to encourage the standing stance so you don’t succumb to the unhealthiness of all-day sitting.

Comfortable and versatile, the SMART MOVE BOARD keeps you even more active while you’re standing at your desk. The unique material offers cushion for your feet while the mini roll, ball, and twister help you get some extra movement and strength.

Floatdeck Standing Desk Balance Board
Helping you find balance during your day, the Floatdeck helps alleviate pressure on your joints, hips, and back. At the base is a spherical design, allowing you to tilt and move while you stand. Your body will work to automatically balance itself, which then engages your core.

Will you be upgrading your workspace? Let us know in the comments!

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