Standeazy is a highly portable stand for your devices

Standeazy is a highly portable stand for your devices

Our lives are very much on the go. Because our smartphones and tablet can do so much, were completing errands and getting entertained everywhere we are. The only thing hindering our experience and efficiency is the fact that we must tightly hold our smartphones and tablets. Until now. The Standeazy:
– is a highly portable stand
– works with smartphones and tablets
– fits right in your wallet

The perfect portable stand

The Standeazy is truly remarkable in both form and function. The revolutionary design has the entire stand laying flat until you need it. When you want to watch videos or simply take a selfie, the Standeazy assembles in just seconds. The flexible inner core features ultra durable hinges. The stand opens into place instantly to hold your device. Additionally, the base of the Standeazy allows your device to remain steady whether in portrait or landscape mode. Of course, the core is made for bending so you can use and reuse the stand over and over again.

Standeazy is a highly portable stand for your devices

The perfect view

In addition to keeping your device upright, the Standeazy lets you customize your view. The minimalist design has multiple slots so you can adjust the angle. With five to choose from, your device can always be glare-free and not leave your neck strained. The Standeazy also has a durable triple layer design. Two layers of brushed aluminum sandwich polypropylene for an incredible construction. Additionally, the Standeazy works with a whole variety of smartphones and tablets as well as their protective cases.

Standeazy is a highly portable stand for your devices

Take it anywhere

When folded flat, the Standeazy is about the size of a credit card. At just 1.2mm thick, it easily slides into your bag, pocket, or wallet. It also weighs only 7 grams so it will never weigh you down. With these specs, you can always have the Standeazy on hand. The compact size has a tiny footprint and it automatically fits anywhere you take your device. This includes tray tables in airplanes or even your work desk.

Standeazy is a highly portable stand for your devices

What We ❤️️

We absolutely love the sleek aesthetic. It literally fits everywhere you go!

Future Designs

The design of the Standeazy is impressive. We hope the hinges can hold up – although they’re tested to 80k bends so we’re not worried!

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Kickstarter: Until May 25th
Pledge: $10
Deal: Gadget Flow Members Get 10% Off
Delivery: October 2017

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