StayrAI review: this smart aquarium uses AI to create optimal conditions

Whether you're a newbie to the world of fish or an aquatics veteran, check out the StayrAI smart aquarium. It's here to perform automatic water changes and keep you apprised on the health of your tank!

StayrAI review: this smart aquarium uses AI to create optimal conditions
StayrAI boasts not only intelligence but also good looks

I have a friend with a guppy business, and I’m pretty sure I’ll blow his mind when I tell him about the StayrAI smart aquarium. Designed in Munich, Germany, it delivers automated cleanliness so you can enjoy your finned friends without the hassle.

Now, while my pets are feline in nature, I can appreciate any product that makes keeping our animal friends healthy an easy task. That’s where this smart aquarium comes in.

Designed with a slew of sensors, a connected app, and AI technology, it keeps the plants and animals in your tank happier than ever. So dive in and learn more about this eco-friendly aquarium manager!

StayrAI smart aquarium introduction video

Maintain a healthy aquarium

In a balanced aquarium, fish waste and uneaten food produce ammonia. This is harmful to fish. However, beneficial bacteria in the nitrogen cycle convert ammonia to safer substances: nitrite and then nitrate.

Regular water changes are essential to remove nitrate, ensuring fish health. Thus, water changes are crucial for aquariums. And StayrAI makes them easier than ever.

Enjoy a slew of other features

In addition to keeping your aquarium healthy with water changes, StayrAI offers a bunch of other features and benefits you won’t want to miss.

  • Balanced bacteria cycles: StayrAI ensures stable bacteria cycles, reduces NO₃ levels, and prevents biohazards with timely water changes.
  • Pay 50% less on utilities: StayrAI cuts electricity by 50% by managing heaters, and it conserves water through consistent small changes.
  • Perfect temperature: StayrAI’s sensors precisely control your heater and cooler. It maintains the temperature within 0.1 degrees, offering the best conditions for sensitive species.
  • Hazard detection: Corpses can be toxic for the tank! In case of a fish casualty or malfunction, StayrAI provides instant alerts.
  • Thriving fish and plants: It consistently delivers optimal conditioner doses to ensure your plants and fish flourish.
  • Hassle-free care: Experience bucket-free, hassle-free aquaria with StayrAI

Keep reading to learn more about these awesome aspects to this smart aquarium!

Benefit from AI tools

StayrAI offers a suite of AI tools that you’ll love for your aquarium. Through its tailored dosing programs and water change schedules, this smart aquarium minimizes waste, lowers energy use, and creates the optimal conditions.

  • AI Optimal Water Change Scheduling

StayrAI’s AI considers species type, fish sizes, water and filter volumes, and more factors. By accounting for these, its AI scheduling agent can recommend a personalized water change schedule for your aquarium’s health.

  • AI Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

It can be overwhelming to know something isn’t quite right with your aquatic flora and fauna but not know what the problem is or how to fix it. That’s where StayrAI can save the day.

Its AI diagnoses issues and gives you recommendations for optimal conditions and care routines. And it can automatically adjust appliances to create the ideal environment.

Save time and hassle with automatic water changes

Set your aquarium on autopilot with StayrAI by scheduling water changes via the app. It’s a snap: simply input the volume, set your frequency, and watch StayrAI take care of the rest.

Alternatively, you can also get StayrAI to perform off-schedule water changes. If you notice overfed fish or murky water, easily change any amount of water instantly with the Change Now button.

All you have to do is connect StayrAI to your water faucet—just like you do with a washing machine—and it will automatically fill your reservoir, dechlorinate, and heat to the desired temperature!

StayrAI Rein with an aquarium

Enjoy precise temperature control

With StayrAI, you no longer have to worry about whether or not your tank is at just the right temperature. Using digital sensors, this system monitors the tank and reservoir temperatures. It controls heaters and coolers, activating them only when necessary.

In fact, it not only offers better conditions for your pets, but it can also save you up to 50% on your utility bill.

StayrAI Rein smart aquarium

Use the connected app

The Android/iOS app truly keeps you connected to your aquarium on the go. In fact, it lets you check on your aquarium—anytime, anywhere. Monitor the temperature, the reservoir’s water level, the pH value, and more.

Remote monitoring isn’t the only benefit that the StayrAI app offers. Using the power of generative models, it gives you answers to your questions in seconds. So you no longer have to turn to forums, books, and articles.

If you find an answer you like, this advanced app can even take those answers and act upon them. It’ll set up your preferred temperature range or schedule water changes as you wish.

StayrAI Lite in front of an aquarium

Choose Lite or Rein models

Depending on your needs, there’s a perfect fit for you. Take a look at what each has to offer.

StayrAI Lite

With a compact yet powerful design, the Lite works great for minimalist aquarium enthusiasts. Giving you all the performance you want without the fuss, its compact, aesthetically pleasing design suits aquariums of all sizes.

With the StayrAI Lite, you get two water pumps (for water change and reservoir), two temperature sensors, and two optical water level sensors. You’ll simply install these sensors in both the reservoir and the main tank.

StayrAI Rein

Designed for hobbyists, StayrAI Rein helps you give your fish the best care and save on utility bills. This robust system includes everything the Lite does as well as two dosing pumps.

The dosing pumps can dispense liquid conditioners—like liquid fertilizers for your plants or water solutions to enhance water quality—to your reservoir or main tank.

Also compact in size, though larger than the Lite, the Rein installs with ease and works for all aquarium sizes. Overall, it creates an integrated and efficient care system for your aquarium.

StayrAI Rein side view

Care for your aquarium with ease

Overall, StayrAI optimizes water change schedules, turns off unnecessary equipment, conserves water and electricity, and saves you money!

Say goodbye to all the work you usually have to do to keep your tank in tip-top shape. And say hello to StayrAI, which does it all for you.

Are you as interested in StayrAI as I am? Preorder it for about $275 on Kickstarter!

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