Superheroine action figures help you free your imagination

Ever wished you could create your own female superhero? The Superheroine action figures provide the perfect canvas for your imagination.

Superheroine action figures help you free your imagination
  • Who is the coolest female superhero? Take your pick from Wonder Woman, Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, and Storm.
  • How many comics contain female superheros? Only around 12% according to Superwomen: Gender, Power, and Representation by Carolyn Cocca.
  • How can I create my own superhero? The Superheroine action figures allow you to design a unique female warrior.

Just like many other careers, superheroism seems to be a male-dominated profession. While the ladies of Wakanda are certainly impressive and Wonder Woman is more popular than ever, there are few other lead characters representing the fairer sex. It’s about time that changed.

The Superheroine action figures provide the perfect starting point for creating your own female superhero. Available in two different body types, they are painted grey from head to foot to provide a blank canvas.

What do these blank action figures look like?

The thing about superheros is that they need to be super. It’s difficult to take on evil when you have a body shaped by Ben and Jerry’s.

So it’s no surprise that these action figures are svelte and toned. The smaller ones are, anyway. The larger ladies are eight inches tall and built like She-Hulk.

[tweet_box]Ever wished you could create your own female superhero? These blank action figures provide the perfect canvas for your imagination.[/tweet_box]

You can paint the Superheroines to look however you want. It’s possible to create someone new, or you can simply recreate your favorite existing characters.

superheroine action figures 02

Turn this into this

Petite yet fearsome

The smaller of the two Superheroine figures (Athletic) measures seven inches tall. She is meant to replicate a woman of between five and six feet tall at 1/10 scale.

superheroine action figures 04

Two sizes

Unlike static figurines, this woman is made for action. She has flexible joints and a head that pivots on her neck. She can strike a range of powerful poses, while her flowing locks flutter in the imaginary breeze.

superheroine action figures 05

Strike a pose

The quality of the design is very impressive. You get proper ball joints in order to mimic human movements, and there is satisfying detail on the face and hands. The only real limitation is that you won’t be able to create a flat-chested superhero. This dame is very well endowed.

superheroine action figures 03

Strong woman

The eight-inch figure (Tall) has all the same main features, but she is muscly enough to be a bodybuilder.

Total customization

The basic Superheroine figure comes with clenched fists, a pair of boots, and a neutral expression. But you don’t have to stick with these options

superheroine action figures 07

Don’t mess with her

The companion range accessories include numerous hairstyles, hand shapes, facial expressions, and types of footwear. This means you can create a truly unique character.

“We’ve combined years of what we loved about fine art sculptures/action figures and talked about what we felt should be product mainstays. We spent a good 4 years investigating our ideas with some of the greatest customizers and toy designers in the world. Our result is a range of motion and joints that are familiar, enhanced, and finely tuned.” — Maven Collectibles

What we like

These action figures have been crafted with care, yet they are very affordable. Thanks to those flexible joints, they are also far more fun than the static competition.

superheroine action figures 06

Flexible joints

Future designs

Maven already has stretch goals in their Kickstarter campamign for weapons, skin types, and a shorter heroine. It would be great to see different body types in future, though.


– Kickstarter: Until July 18th

– Pledge: $35 USD

– Delivery: February 2019

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