This free data recovery software can help when you’re in dire need

One of the worst things that can happen to anyone is losing their important digital files. It can happen for a number of reasons: accidental deletions, file overwrites, system crashes, damaged hardware, and more. But do you have to force back your tears and accept your fate? EaseUs, a data recovery wizard, doesn't think so. With this comprehensive and effective program, there's hope for almost any sort of lost file.

This free data recovery software can help when you’re in dire need
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We’ve all been there. The document you’ve been working on for days is nearly complete. Then, while you’re sorting your computer files (because you’ve chosen now to do some tidying), you accidentally delete that all-important project. There’s no describing your sense of panic and loss. Do you really have to start all over? And if the file was for school or work, you’re worried about the repercussions.

Losing work or photos due to accidental deletions or damage is one of the worst things that can happen in your relationship with tech. But there is some hope. The EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software 2020 offers quick, complete file recovery for Windows desktops, laptops, and other Windows-compatible devices.

EaseUS knows there are myriad situations that could cause you to lose data. Deletion, formatting errors, damaged RAW files, and more can all cause you stress and sleepless nights. Luckily, this free data recovery software has a higher success rate than other programs. It includes features like an advanced scan algorithm, recovering while scanning, and scheduled import/export sessions. This software will let you breathe a sigh of relief.

EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software

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What you can do with this free data recovery software

Recover formatted files

If you’ve formatted the storage device accidentally or intentionally, you’ll lose all the files on your storage medium. However, EaseUS Free Data Recovery software is a proven solution for getting back lost data from a formatted partition, hard drive, USB drive, memory card, and other storage devices. If you’ve lost data from any of these devices, this free data recovery software is what you need.

Recover files from storage media

Or maybe you’re one of the more responsible computer users among us and you back up your files every day. Unfortunately, even HDDs and external storage devices are easy to damage or corrupt. Thankfully, the EaseUS Data Recovery has a high success rate of retrieving files from a seemingly dead external storage device. So if your dog decided your HDD, USB drive, SD card, or other device was a chew toy, all hope is not lost. This program could resurrect the important files you saved externally in the first place.

EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software

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Restore data from emergency situations

Has your laptop flashed the black screen of death and, no matter what you try, you can’t even get your monitor to flicker? Or maybe your system was attacked by a virus, and you can’t access any of your programs. Circumstances like these can feel devastating, but you shouldn’t count your data as gone forever. EaseUS believes it’s worth trying its PC data recovery tool to bring back files that are hidden and deleted by malware or lost due to an accidental shutdown. Its thorough, deep scans might be able to bring them back. So no matter what the computer gods have wrought upon you, there is an expert system you can turn to for help.

Repair damaged photo and video files

Did you open your smartphone’s photo gallery only to be greeted by hundreds of blank photo icons? It sounds like your photos are corrupted. While you might be upset, EaseUS is confident. Its recovery wizard is extremely effective in recovering lost files and can also repair damaged images and video files. So those lost photos of your son’s first birthday can still be part of your treasured memories.

EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software

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How this free data recovery software is different

It’s not your typical file-retrieval program

This free data recovery software offers premium features that make it stand out from its competitors. For one, it allows you flexibility with your import and export sessions. So you can initiate, pause, or resume recovery at any time. Also, its algorithm has two modes, a quick scan for a shorter session and a deep scan to search your drive inch by inch. Furthermore, you can filter your scan for a specific file type, which will give you what you’re looking for faster. Finally, another way to quickly locate lost files is the tags feature that lets you group similar file types like documents, photos, and audio. 

It’s easy to use and light

You won’t have to be a recovery expert yourself to run this free data recovery software. With an interface like Windows, this program has a familiar feel. And after following a three-step process, you’ll be on your way to retrieving more than 1,000 different types of files. Also, the data recovery wizard is around 40 MB. So unlike other recovery software, it won’t slow down your drive. Finally, it’s plugin-free and won’t overwrite any lost data on your disk.

EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software

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What we love about the EaseUS recovery wizard 

We love that this free data recovery software offers a trusted, comprehensive solution to lost files. It’s also great that the program can repair damaged photos and video files. The free basic plan is a pretty sweet deal too.

What we would love to see

The paid license is on the expensive side. However, the quality features it includes makes it worth the extra money.

Where can you get the EaseUS recovery wizard?

The EaseUs Recovery wizard introductory plan is free, and you can find it on the company website.

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