The best Alexa hub and all the best Alexa devices to go with it

Looking for a way to improve your Alexa setup at home? Moving from a single device to an entire Alexa smart home takes a little bit of coordination. Along with sourcing the best devices, you also need to consider a great up to keep everything in working order.

The best Alexa hub and all the best Alexa devices to go with it
  • How many skills does Alexa have? According to Amazon, Alexa has more than 70,000 skills in the Alexa Skills store.
  • Which is the best smart home hub for Alexa? Although Alexa was made for Amazon Echo smart speakers, many other devices are now powered by this voice assistant. To help you find the best smart home hub for Alexa, we decided to take a look through the options.
  • Where can I find more Amazon Alexa gadgets? Enhance your smart home experience even more with Amazon Alexa compatible gadgets from our category here.

When it comes to choosing a direction for your smart home, you have a few options. However, Alexa is the top choice for many. With so many compatible products and new skills arriving faster than we can learn them, it’s an obvious choice.

But, simply purchasing Alexa-enabled devices won’t create the smart ecosystem you’re looking for. Instead, to create the best Alexa smart home, you need to find the right devices that suit your needs. Plus, you’re going to need a hub to manage them all.

Finding the right Alexa hub

A truly smart home isn’t just an amalgamation of intelligent devices scattered about. Not only will this cause confusion, you’ll also be swiping through apps to manage them all. Instead, having an Alexa hub can simplify all your smart Alexa devices. With everything in one place, you can create scenes and events, so your ideal home settings are just a single request away.

Amazon Echo Plus 2nd Generation Smart Home Hub

As the front-runner for Alexa hubs, the Echo Plus is a total powerhouse. It features Zigbee integration for effortless pairing and management of your smart devices. It also links all of your Alexa devices with ease. A simple voice command can trigger any of them, and the seven built-in microphones are sure to pick up your voice from anywhere. When it’s not simplifying your life, it can pump out some serious tunes with 360-degree Dolby speakers.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker

Small yet mighty, the Echo Dot is a staple for most people starting out a smart home. On its own, it’s an okay speaker with plenty of potential. Use the app to pair multiple smart devices and see their functionality all in one place. You can also get instant access to Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM, and more.

Amazon Echo Show 5 Alexa Enabled Smart Screen

Giving you plenty of visuals, the Echo Show 5 is essentially a substitute for your alarm clock, albeit with a lot more power. It has a built-in alarm feature called “Alexa sunshine.” It’ll automatically brighten in the morning, simulating a sunrise. You can also use the display much like a tablet to watch videos and browse online. Of course, the display provides you with a full visual of all your devices for easy management.

Our favorite Alexa devices

When creating your smart home with Alexa, you’ve already made the commitment to using the smart assistant. As a result, all your smart home devices need to be Alexa-compatible. Luckily, Amazon has plenty of devices. Plus, third party brands tend to include integration for Alexa as well as Google Assistant and more, so there are plenty to choose from.

D-Link Full HD Wi-Fi Camera

What’s a smart home without an intelligent security camera? The D-Link Full HD Camera uses night vision to give a clear image even up to 16 feet away. Plus, it also has two-way audio so you can chat to whoever’s on the other end. Thanks to Alexa integration, you can use your voice to get a live stream on your compatible device at any time.

ecobee4 Room-Sensing Alexa Thermostat

The ecobee4 pairs true innovation with intelligence. This clever thermostat can detect hot and cold spots in the room and works to keep an even temperature throughout. Along with this, it pairs with Alexa so you can also ask about the weather and make adjustments to your temperature indoors. The pairing can even order groceries for you.

Orro Smart Light Switch

Offering superior light control, Orro learns about your preferences to adjust your lighting automatically. This is all done without a Wi-Fi connection. Instead, there are four sensors and a built-in computer to work quickly and efficiently. Have a specific lighting setup you want? Just use your voice to ask Alexa to set it for you.

Kohler Konnect Sensate Smart Kitchen Sink Faucet

Never again do you have to guess when it comes to water measurement. The Konnect Sensate Faucet dispenses highly accurate amounts of water all with a simple voice command. Rather than request Alexa to convert a measurement, just ask for whatever amount you need.

U by Moen Smart Shower

If voice activated water in the kitchen wasn’t enough for you, you can also have it in the bathroom. U by Moen is a smart shower that can be adjusted for the precise temperature you want. You can even save multiple water settings so everyone in the family gets the perfect shower every day. To be even smarter, U by Moen is also voice activated. Just tell Alexa to start your shower and your settings will magically begin.

Smarter 3rd Gen iKettle Smart Electric Kettle

A smart house is all about adding convenience that has never been possible. The Smarter 3rd Gen iKettle does just that. Boiling water with just your voice, it uses 4G and Wi-Fi to stay connected. Plus, you can also set Wake Up Mode to get things boiling before you’re even out of bed in the morning.

iRobot Roomba i7 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum

“Alexa, vacuum my house” is like music to our ears. Not only does this robot vacuum mean you never have to get off the couch, but the Alexa integration means you don’t even need to lift a finger to tap the app. And, it uses incredibly smart mapping and navigation technology to scour your home for dust and debris.

RemoBell S Fast-Responding Smart Video Doorbell

Replacing your existing wired doorbell, the RemoBell S responds impressively quickly when someone rings. It also has motion detection to capture when someone arrives. Both methods provide an instant live view of your front door in crystal clear 1080p HD. If your curiosity gets the best of you, you can ask Alexa for a live view at any time with a simple command.

Ikea Smart Window Blinds

Possibly one of the coolest smart home devices, the Smart Window Blinds from Ikea will change the way you spend time at home. From opening slowly first thing in the morning to automatically drawing at night, the blinds move up and down automatically. You can use the app to set schedules or work it into your Alexa setup for truly intelligent natural light management.

AmazonBasics Alexa Voice Controlled Microwave

Have you ever perfectly popped popcorn in the microwave? What about reheating your pizza without melting the cheese into oblivion? We didn’t think so. But the AmazonBasics Microwave can. It uses simple quick-cook voice presets to heat and reheat to perfection.

What’s the first device you’ll be adding to your Alexa smart home? Let us know in the comments!

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