This cool fitness ball trains muscles throughout the entire body

If your daily jog on the treadmill or session on the elliptical machine has you a little bored, you're going to want to check out this weighted fitness ball. It moves in all 360 degrees, forcing even your smallest muscles to work harder. With the option to use this gadget in hundreds of exercises, you can bid your workout apathy farewell for good.

This cool fitness ball trains muscles throughout the entire body
Omniball rolling workout ball during a fitness class

Train muscles both large and small in a fun, challenging way with the Omniball rolling workout ball. This cool fitness ball attaches to both your hands and feet and is available in two- and four-pound options. You know that to train your body fully, you’ve got to hit even those tiny, seemingly insignificant muscles. And this exercise ball can help you do that. Invented by 2020 IDEA Instructor of the Year Finalist Aileen Sheron, this fitness gadget provides a 360-degree range of motion to strengthen the entire body. What’s more, it’s sure to take you out of any fitness rut you’re currently in.

The Omniball is a weighted exercise ball that comes with Velcro straps that attach to your hands or feet. It acts as a gripless weight and adds intensity to hundreds of different exercises. The ball also moves a full 360 degrees, giving you an impressive range of weighted motion. So no matter how you want to move, this cool fitness ball can up the intensity. Plus, its clean white and light gray color scheme gives the ball a modern look, and its small size easily fits in a backpack. Let’s take a closer look at this product’s features.

What is omnidirectional training?

According to the company’s website, the Omniball gives users a balance of both traditional and functional exercises in a 360-degree range of movement. The range of motion, resistance, and difficulty increase according to your own ability, so it’s something you can customize. And since this rolling workout ball attaches to both your hands and feet and has no linear limitations, you have limitless options for unique, creative workouts. Moreover, this workout gear is ideal for beginners as well as elite athletes because it is so customizable. No matter your fitness level, the Omniball’s instability design requires users to learn how to control the ball, not just the body.

Omniball rolling workout ball in a video

How does this exercise ball benefit the body?

This cool fitness ball can improve your body’s neuro-muscular response. The company’s website writes that the Omniball enhances instability, which causes your body’s muscles—both large and small—to make constant micro adjustments to remain stable. Also, since only a small portion of the ball actually comes into contact with whatever surface you’re using it on, you have to constantly fight the ball’s micro movements due to instability. Finally, the Omniball requires more concentration to maintain control. This, in turn, can help improve your cognitive function.

This cool fitness ball trains muscles throughout the entire body Omniball Rolling Workout Ball
Omniball fitness ball with a woman training

What particular areas of the body does this workout ball strengthen?

The Omniball provides a total body workout. The company says that its product can improve strength, flexibility, stability, and coordination. In particular, when you strap the Omniball to your foot, it improves the arch’s flexibility. It strengthens the foot, ankle, and lower leg muscles during rotational work due to the ball’s instability. It also promotes hand-eye and total body coordination, and it can even provide a core workout like none other. If you’re ready to target every area of your body, this cool fitness ball is the way to go.

But does this rolling workout ball provide cardio?

It does. When we say this gadget delivers a total body workout, we’re serious. The Omniball gets your heart pumping just like you’re going for a jog when you add speed to your exercises. So with just one small piece of exercise equipment, you can truly strengthen every muscle in the body and support all of the fitness levels. It’s a pretty well-rounded gadget and one that’s worth adding to your home gym.

What surfaces can you use with this fitness ball?

Another feature of this cool fitness ball is that you can use it on various surfaces, from floors to tabletops, even walls. So, unlike traditional glider equipment, you’re not bound to one type of surface. This means you can use the Omniball pretty much anywhere for an effective total body workout.

Can you use this gadget if you’ve been injured?

If you have difficulty working out due to an injury, the Omniball is actually a great way to get moving again. It provides an impressive range of therapeutic motion for work on the shoulders, knees, elbows, and hips. And because this workout ball allows any user to progress at an appropriate pace for their skill level, this is a ball that’s great for exercisers with limitations. But that doesn’t mean this exercise ball gives you a sub-par workout. In fact, this workout gear provides the intensity every user needs to keep improving their strength and flexibility.

Is this exercise ball portable?

You bet it is. This cool fitness ball is ideal for at-home workouts since it avoids the clutter and expense of owning multiple pieces of equipment. But it’s also great for travel since you can just pop it in a backpack and take it wherever you’re going, be it a business trip, a vacation, or the gym.

The Omniball rolling workout ball is a great all-around piece of fitness equipment. Its 360-degree range of motion and weighted design help you strengthen large muscles as well as those tiny ones we tend to forget about. It also provides cardio and improves flexibility, coordination, mental function, and so much more. Furthermore, this versatile fitness ball is ideal for both beginners and advanced athletes. No matter your fitness level, this balanced gadget helps you get healthy. And most important, it’s fun. If you’re looking for a quick, effective way to enhance your at-home workouts, the Omniball is worth it.

The Omniball rolling workout ball costs $79.99, and you can buy it on the company’s official website.

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