This smart telescope will make stargazing so much fun

If you're a space fanatic or you simply enjoy looking at the night sky, we have the product for you. The Unistellar eVscope 2 smart telescope filters light pollution, has automated targeting, and more. There's plenty to be excited about.

This smart telescope will make stargazing so much fun
Unistellar eVscope 2 smart telescope filters light pollution

Space has always been massively fascinating. Everyone from scientists and philosophers to ordinary people like you and me can appreciate the mysteriousness of its vast expanse. With the invention of the telescope, we’ve been able to enjoy activities like stargazing while learning about space.

Well, telescope tech has only improved—both for professionals and amateurs. This is why you need Unistellar’s eVscope 2 smart telescope. So let’s take a moment to gaze upon all that it is.

This smart telescope will make stargazing so much fun
Unistellar’s smart telescope has a compatible app experience

Sharp image definition with a wide field of view

The eVscope 2 smart telescope features a high-resolution low-light sensor. It capture light from things as far from Earth as millions of light-years (certainly a wild thought to consider).

In addition to incredibly crisp image definition, the device also has a wide field of view. Enhanced Vision and Super Resolution can show deep-sky objects exponentially fast so viewers can see things like the ineffable Orion Nebula with unbeatable clarity.

Nikon technology for a quality experience

Lending to the wonderful viewing experience is Unistellar’s partnership with Nikon. By using a Nikon-developed eyepiece and a high-grade MicroOLED screen, it creates a greater contrast with perfect blacks.

Combined with a top-tier lens array, the new eyepiece enhances immersion during observation while also increasing comfort and reducing eye strain.

The eVscope 2 smart telescope in action

Autonomous field detection

Putting the smart into smart telescope is the eVscope 2’s autonomous field detection. This cool feature cuts down on calibration time so that you can spend more time observing.

In fact, the device automatically locates and identifies objects within its field of view. Additionally, it does this by referencing coordinate databases containing millions of stars. All of this results in higher ease of use—not to mention reliable accuracy.

Light pollution filtration

If you’ve ever looked up at the night sky from an urban or suburban area, you may have noticed that you see fewer stars on average. Oftentimes this is because of light pollution, which occurs when the collective bright light from densely populated areas interferes with our ability to clearly see further out into space.

The eVscope 2 smart telescope uses software to help filter light pollution, allowing you to observe subjects more clearly and in greater detail—with less unnecessary interference.

This smart telescope will make stargazing so much fun
eVscope 2 is perfect for newcomers and long-timers

Expert craftsmanship

Whether you’re a space-junkie or a passive enthusiast, Unistellar’s smart telescope is a phenomenal high-quality option worth your time and consideration. While it carries a steep price tag, the trade-off is that it doesn’t hold back from providing a top-tier product loaded with modern features.

Overall, it can deliver a wonderful stargazing experience that newcomers and long-timers alike are sure to love. So, if you’re in the market for a telescope, you should absolutely head on over to Unistellar’s website to learn more about it.

You can get the Unistellar eVscope 2 smart telescope for $4,199 here.

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