This sustainable shaker bottle also stores 50g of workout supplements

Tired of lugging canisters of protein powder to the gym? This water bottle has room for 50 grams of supplements.

This sustainable shaker bottle also stores 50g of workout supplements
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Get a workout water bottle that does more with the Striline HydroTonic Shaker Bottle. This sustainable shaker bottle has a watertight supplement container that holds up to 25 grams of pre-workout and 25 grams of protein powder in 2 different sections.

Do you haul containers full of pre-workout and protein powder with you to the gym? Or maybe you cart a few water bottles in your gym bag—one for pre-workout, another for water, and a third for your protein drink? Well, you can stop doing that with the Striline HydroTonic Shaker Bottle. This handy shaker bottle maximizes convenience and minimizes waste. Let’s see how.

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Keep your supplement powders dry and portable

When you go to the gym, the last thing you want to worry about is keeping your supplement powders dry and tidy. Luckily, the Striline HydroTonic Shaker Bottle has an integrated 50-gram container under its lid. It lets you drink from the bottle while keeping your powders stored safely at the top. That way, you can drink water normally until you want to mix up a drink.

Striline HydroTonic Shaker Bottle
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Hold both pre-workout and protein powder

What’s more, this sustainable shaker bottle has room for both your pre-workout and protein powder. The container is divided into two sections, each holding 25 grams of powder. So you could store your pre-workout on one side and your protein powder on the other. The feature lets you leave the canisters at home for convenience.

Reduce your waste with this eco-friendly shaker bottle

Even better, this shaker bottle reduces waste with both its eco-friendly design and its intended use. In terms of its design, the Striline HydroTonic Shaker Bottle features Tritan Renew. It is durable, BPA- and BPS-free, and 50% recycled.

Meanwhile, this shaker bottle’s creators developed it to reduce waste. Specifically, they aim to minimize people taking plastic baggies full of supplement powders and snacks to the gym and throwing them away. And repeating it day after day.

Store your snacks in this water bottle

Protein powders and drink supplements aren’t the only things you can store in the Striline HydroTonic Shaker Bottle. The container also makes a handy place for stowing snacks that keep your blood sugar up, like gummies, chocolates, and goldfish crackers. So when you feel your energy wane, all you have to do is reach for your water bottle.

Carry 28 ounces of water with you

Another great feature of the Striline HydroTonic Shaker Bottle is its generous capacity. This water bottle actually stores 28 ounces of water. In contrast, the typical single-use plastic water bottle holds 16.9 ounces. So this bottle holds enough liquid to keep you hydrated, and then some. You can say goodbye to multiple trips to your gym’s water fountain with this one.

Stay energized while lifting weights

The Striline HydroTonic Shaker Bottle has unique benefits for weightlifters. Specifically, you can detach the bottle’s cap and use it as a supplement scoop. That way, you won’t have to tear apart your house looking for your supplement scoop. Then, the container’s 50-gram capacity is plenty for your protein shakes.

Take this water bottle on your bike rides

Are you an avid cyclist or hiker? This water bottle is also a great choice for your outdoor adventures. The bottle’s durable design withstands falls and drops. Plus, it holds 28 ounces of water but fits in backpacks and cup holders. So it’s easy to integrate into outdoor sports.

Additionally, the compartments are great for storing snacks while you’re out on the trail. And, since the container is easy to remove and hold, you’ll always have a quick bit of energy within reach.

Rely on a shaker bottle that’s easy to clean

Bottles can be a pain to clean, especially if they’re not dishwasher safe. Luckily, the Striline HydroTonic Shaker Bottle can go in the dishwasher without any problems. So, after a long workout at the gym or day on the trail, all you have to do is pop the bottle and its components into the machine. Then it’s ready for you to use the next time you need it.

The Striline HydroTonic Shaker is an all-around great purchase. It stores your supplement powders and snacks with your water without reducing capacity. Best of all, it eliminates your need to bring plastic baggies full of snacks and supplements to the gym and supports sustainable living. Reduce your waste and make workout energy more convenient with this sustainable shaker bottle.

The Striline HydroTonic Shaker Bottle typically costs $16. You can preorder it on Kickstarter for $12. What are your favorite workout gadgets that support a sustainable lifestyle? Let us know in the comments.

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