townew makes taking out the trash easy and more hygienic

Taking out the trash is always an unpleasant fact of life. But what if your trash could do most of the work for you? Use townew, which seals garbage bags by itself, meaning you don’t have to get hands-on with smelly litter.

townew makes taking out the trash easy and more hygienic
  • What chores can you avoid with smart devices? Cleaning the windows, sweeping the floor, and watering your plants, to name but three.
  • How do you reduce bad smells in your home? Try using an air purifier to catch odor and remove full garbage bags as soon as possible.
  • Is there a more hygienic way to take out the trash? The townew trash can automatically seals garbage bags, meaning you don’t have to touch the trash.

Germs are difficult customers to deal with. You can’t see them, yet they can cause a vast array of health problems. The only way to steer clear of illness is to avoid touching bacteria-ridden surfaces and wash your hands at every opportunity.

One time this routine is particularly important is when you have to take out the trash. A new smart trash can called townew aims to make the process easier and more hygienic, with a self-sealing system for garbage bags.

What is a self-sealing trash can?

The basic principle of a trash can is to store all your unwanted food, used packaging, and floor sweepings in a capped container. In theory, this keeps germs and odor away from everything else in your home.

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townew is more hygienic than most trash cans

The problem is, garbage bags quickly fill. You then have to pull them out and tie them up, putting germs on your hands and odor into the air.

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townew will tie full garbage bags automatically

The townew provides a neat solution. This smart trash can senses when you have filled a garbage bag, and it responds by sealing the bag. It means you have one less chore to complete, and you don’t have to touch dirty bags.

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How does it work?

From the perspective of someone who uses a trash can, it’s pretty simple.

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Pretty stylish, huh?

About the size and shape of any regular trash can, townew is albeit a little sleeker. When you need to throw something away, you simply hover your hand above the lid. Infrared sensors pick up the movement and open the top automatically. Once the trash can is full, townew seals the bag and replaces it with a new one.

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Overfilled your trash can? No problem with townew

But that’s not all. Suppose you were to overfill the trash can—then what? Townew has all the answers. The lid will just lift a little more to make space for the sealing mechanism.

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townew runs for a month on a full charge

This smart waste bin will run happily for a whole month on a full charge, and the design keeps bad smells locked away. It’s the trash can you never knew you needed.

“Simply hold the button for 3 seconds and our built-in thermoplastic sealing technology automatically seals the trash bag inside to guarantee no spilling or exposure to any bad odor. Our self-seal is also designed to be moisture and water-resistant.” —townew on Indiegogo

More hygienic

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What’s not to like?

Taking out the trash is never an appealing task. But at least with townew, it’s not so dirty—particularly for parents who use disposable diapers!

Future designs

This version of townew is relatively small. At some point, we would love to see a large version, and maybe some more color options.


– Indiegogo: Until July 19th

– Pledge: $70 USD

– Delivery: September 2019

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