Trinity Wind Turbine: Harness the Power of Natural Wind

Trinity Wind Turbine: Harness the Power of Natural Wind

Power banks are yesterday’s technology. Modern tech enthusiasts now rely on natural power harvesters to generate and store power.

Following this trend are countless numbers of solar gadgets on the market today. Now there’s a new way to make good use of your natural environment with the Trinity Portable Wind Turbine.

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Power 24/7

Created by Minnesota-based Janulus, the device is a small wind turbine that gathers power outdoors. A free-flowing breeze of four miles per hour is enough for the contraption to do its thing. To ensure the turbine doesn’t get knocked over in windy conditions, a sturdy stand supports the harvester.

There are a handful of models to choose from, depending on your daily usage and consumption. To give you a better idea of where this device fits in your lifestyle, a 400-watt model battery takes roughly three to four hours to charge. At this capacity, you could charge an iPhone 16 times!

The larger models are useful for homes located in windy regions. Essentially, it can be applied to reduce monthly electricity bills and upswings in appliance usage. Entry-level units are perfect for camping or road trips. Such options are mostly used to charge handheld electronics.

A dedicated smartphone app is also available for easy monitoring. The panel provides real-time information on consumption and charging.

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Portable Build, Smart Features

“Design-wise, the Trinity portable wind turbine is essentially a miniature model of those giant wind turbines you often see in sprawling country sides. With three legs and three blades comprising the entire body, each model is extremely portable and, better yet, remarkably durable,” said Rick Stella from Digital Trends.

“The team behind the project also developed a companion smartphone application allowing users to turn the Trinity on or off while also providing details on how much energy the device generates each day.”

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