Harness the Power of Natural Sunlight With the Lucy Solar Mirror

Harness the Power of Natural Sunlight With the Lucy Solar Mirror

Solar energy has a ton of different uses. Most people use them for electricity and heat. But now you can use natural UV rays to shine light inside a building without an external power source.

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Shine Light Anywhere

The Lucy solar mirror is a smart device that allows you to direct sunlight inside your home or office. It reflects UV rays using a powerful mirror. The machine does not use electricity and is very user-friendly (minimal installation required). You could carry it around with you everywhere, making it very portable.

For regions that receive a lot of sun, the Lucy mirror is a great source of light. After finding a suitable spot to harvest UV rays, simply point the light towards the general area that you want to hit. The unit moves with the sun during the morning and afternoon. You don’t have to monitor the positioning or make adjustments to the device.

In addition to providing light in dark rooms, it can be used to nourish indoor plants that are not normally exposed to sun. To get the most out of the device, it is recommended to avoid shining the light on electronics, such as televisions, music players and kitchen appliances.

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Seasonal Affective Disorder

Diva Tommei, CEO of Solencia, first created the gadget as a way to deter the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder, “Lucy was born as a way to treat her own Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it completely changed her life.”

“From there, she realized two important things: 1) a large part of the world’s population also experiences a variety of health issues due to a lack of sunlight in their homes, and 2) the creation of Lucy meant there was something she could do to help overcome it.”

The company is currently accepting pre-orders for the solar unit.

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