Turn Your Apple Device Into A Virtual Reality Machine With AirVR

Turn Your Apple Device Into A Virtual Reality Machine With AirVR

Virtual reality (VR) has come a long way in the past two years. For most consumers, choosing between buying the latest smartphone or a virtual reality device is a no brainer. At the moment, a smartphone or tablet is the more sensible choice, due to its flexible and productive features outside of entertainment.

But what if you could get your virtual reality fix on a tablet without needing to invest in a costly VR device? Is that too much to ask for? With the AirVr, it’s not.

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The AirVR is a virtual reality headset for Apple devices (iPad Mini, iPad Mini with Retina and iPhone 6). The entire experience is wireless and is surprisingly accurate. Using a few connectors and support goggles; the smartphone or tablet is literally strapped on the user’s face. AirVR strapped on face

If you can get past the awkward screen-in-your-face (people will be staring, but you can’t see them so it doesn’t count) setup, then the AirVR is for you. Joking aside, this device comes stacked with powerful features. It makes full use of Apple’s built-in capabilities including GPS, speakers, proximity, digital compass and cameras to provide individuals with a complete virtual environment.

For users who are not fond of games but would like to enjoy what virtual reality has to offer, there are several AirVR apps that can satisfy photo, movie and outdoor enthusiastsAirVR official apps and games

Going beyond that, users aren’t limited to the official company apps. The impressive gadget is designed to work with native apps from the Apple AppStore, VR-enhanced content on YouTube and even VR-ready websites. This means you won’t be stuck playing the same 3 games over and over again. AirVR goggles, inside look

With an anticipated industry growth of over 1.06 billion users in the next 4 years, the AirVR might be the most versatile virtual reality device out in the market today.

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