The ZB100 headphones want you to feel every bass drop

For decades, stereo sound has been the only option when listening through headphones. Zhocking Beats is changing the game — the ZB100s offer surround sound and vibration as feedback, meaning you feel every bass drop.

These vibrating headphones offer 3D audio
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  • Can you get surround sound with headphones? To some degree, yes. A few have multiple drivers, and others simulate surround sound.
  • What are 4D headphones? It’s a concept introduced by the new ZB100 headphones from Zhocking Beats. This headset combines 3D audio with vibration as added feedback.

Listening to music or a movie soundtrack through headphones can stir a range of emotions. We can be touched by great voices, or thrilled by on-screen explosions. But in the real world, sound isn’t just heard — it is felt. While technology can’t easily replicate the rumble of concert speakers, the ZB100 headphones from Zhocking Beats are probably the next best thing. This headset offers 3D audio and vibration feedback, helping you experience audio like never before.

What are vibrating headphones?

Anyone who has played console games will be familiar with the rumble effect delivered by controllers. This physical feedback tells you when your virtual car has gone off course, or when your character has been hit by an explosion.

Vibrating headphones, such as the ZB100s, deliver the same kind of feedback in sync with sounds. Thanks to Sound Force 2.2 technology, the headset can even match the direction of the audio. It adds a different dimension to movies, games, and even music.

3D audio 04

Add extra intensity to your games and movies

The folks at Zhocking Beats use the term “4D headphones” to describe their product. It’s not a gimmick; this is a very different audio experience.

Experience 3D audio

Besides the vibration effects, the ZB100 headphones offer a range of impressive features.

3D audio 03

Enjoy 3D audio

The headphones apply 3D audio effects to make games and movies feel more immersive. You get exceptional audio quality throughout the sonic range via 50mm drivers, and the supplied cables carry lag-free sound.

3D audio 01

The ZB100 headphones offer lag-free sound

The standard ZB100 headphones come with a 3.5mm wired connection. Alternatively, you can upgrade to Bluetooth 5.0 with a dongle.

3D audio 02

Add Bluetooth with this dongle

Available in three different colors, these headphones definitely look the part. They are also comfortable to wear for long periods, with an over-ear design that shuts out unwanted distractions.

3D audio 02

Add Bluetooth with this dongle

Perhaps the most impressive thing, however, is the price. Zhocking Beats is offering high-quality vibrating headphones for under $100. You won’t get that from any other major brand.

“Zhocking Beats ZB-100 creates a compelling surround sound experience with accurate 3D sound localization and 4D Vibration Senses.”

“Compared with the traditional technology, which only responds to the vibration of the bass, our SOUND FORCE 2.2 can sense a wide range of tones across high, medium and low audio, so that the headphones can create vibration response on top of the traditional sound effects.” — Zhocking Beats on Kickstarter

What we ❤️

vibrating headphones 05

We like these vibrating headphones

Most gamers love to feel immersed in whatever they are playing. These headphones take you one step closer to the action, without taking away key audio information. Thanks to 3D audio, you should know when someone is sneaking around behind you.

Future designs

While Bluetooth audio won’t suit some gamers, we would like to see a fully wireless version of these headphones without a dongle.


– Kickstarter: Until September 2019

– Pledge: $99.37 USD

– Delivery: January 2020

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