Wearing BassMe is the closest thing to feeling live music

While you can enjoy sound through headphones or small speakers, it lacks the physical kick of live music. BassMe is a wearable subwoofer that wants to replicate that feel, even when you’re having your own silent disco.

  • What are the best gadgets for music lovers? We have a whole category dedicated to headphones, speakers, instruments, and much more.
  • How do you recreate the live music experience at home? You need high-end speakers, and maybe a wearable device that can recreate the physical kick.
  • What is the best wearable subwoofer? With a lightweight design and plenty of power, BassMe is the ultimate audio upgrade for music lovers, movie buffs and avid gamers.

Modern audio equipment delivers much better sound quality than audiophiles enjoyed in decades past. Instead of admiring the Beatles or Elvis through the crackle of a gramophone, we can hear every subtle vibration.

Yet still, something goes missing between the recording studio and your ears. That vital ingredient is the physical kick of low frequencies, as produced by live drums. The same goes for on-screen explosions movies and games.

BassMe is a wearable subwoofer that helps you experience the physical side of sound, even when you’re listening through headphones. It’s lightweight, affordable and incredibly powerful.

What is a wearable subwoofer?

Most speakers are designed to be heard. In contrast, a wearable subwoofer is meant to be felt.

In the case of BassMe, the device sits across your chest and uses your ribcage as a sounding board. It delivers an almighty rumble — exactly the same feeling you get when the beat drops on the dancefloor.

live music 04

BassMe might just blow your mind

Not just live music

BassMe hooks over your shoulder, so that the main bulk of the subwoofer sits above your sternum. From this position, the 26-watt driver delivers thumping basslines.

live music 05

BassMe is great for gaming

Aside from music, BassMe is great for watching movies and playing games. Feeling the thud of each footstep as a scaly inhabitant of Jurassic Park walks towards you is an incredible experience. Likewise, Call of Duty battles are much more realistic when you feel the explosion of every grenade.

live music 03

You can also use BassMe for movies

BassMe works on Bluetooth or via an old school 3.5mm input. You get six hours of thunder on a full charge, with a wireless range of nine meters (29.5 feet).

Protect your hearing

It seems counter-intuitive that strapping a wearable subwoofer to your body could protect your hearing.

live music 02

Protect your ears with BassMe

But because BassMe offers physical feedback, you don’t need to turn up the volume in your headphones in search of bass. Equally, BassMe replaces the kick from your stereo system — so you don’t have to annoy the neighbors to get audio thrills.

“Don’t just listen. Feel your music. With the power of a personal subwoofer on your chest, BassMe propels the sound into your heart the way it was intended to be experienced by combining a state-of-the-art sound wave and vibration system. This brings your senses a new dimension of an elevated auditory experience, immersing you in your music, movies and games.” — Studio Duroy on Kickstarter

What we ❤️

live music 06

You can use BassMe for any audio

While you can do without big bass, the lower register makes sound much more exciting. BassMe lets you enjoy the thunder, without damaging your hearing or annoying the neighbors.

Safety first

BassMe is safe for everyone other than people with a pacemaker and pregnant women.


– Kickstarter: Until June 14

– Pledge: $133.42 USD

– Delivery: November 2019

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