Astro Speaker Delivers Music as It Should Be Heard

Astro Speaker Delivers Music as It Should Be Heard

Nothing beats a live concert of your favorite band. The only thing to fill the void before the next one is to listen to every album on repeat. But listening with standard speakers just isn’t enough. They don’t cater to each song, making sure it’s played correctly. Astro does.

Developed by Tree-Labs, Astro is redefining the way we listen to music. They’ve raised the standards of what makes audio considered good. By controlling the distortion of the audio, Astro pumps out incredible sounding music exactly how the artist intended it to be heard.

Astro blue

This isn’t the first speaker from Tree-Labs, but it is the only one on the market focused on pure audio. This was achieved by choosing an original hardware design and excluding software found in other speakers. Many speakers fit the music to the speaker, allowing for changes in the song to account for a smaller footprint or water resistance. Tree-Lab, on the other hand, made sure the speaker fits the music. With Astro, you’ll hear every sonic layer and subtlety in the song as they’re maintained from the input to the output.

Astro outside

Using Astro is as easy as the listening. Connect virtually any device via Bluetooth within a range of up to 66 feet. Astro can also connect to your music device with a 3.5mm cable. With access from your smartphone or tablet, you can listen to your own playlist, internet radio, and even movies. The only button you’ll find on Astro is the one that matters – the on/off button. All other controls, such as volume and skipping tracks, are done on your device. The powerful polymer lithium battery lasts for an incredible 16 hours and takes just 2.5 hours to fully charge.

AStro black

Focusing on simplicity to deliver quality, Astro is made from a sturdy silicone shell and an alunimum front cover. Inside are two 50mm drivers and one passive driver tucked behind a fiberglass reinforced cabinet. Astro is less than 8 inches long and weighs just 1.16 pound and a secure loop on the end makes for easy carrying anywhere you go.

Astro loop

The Kickstarter campaign for Tree-Labs was a massive success. With the help of nearly 700 backers, they raised over $100k to bring Astro to the consumer market. Although the campaign and the special rates are over, you can still get Astro for a great price of $159 for the holidays.

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