Convertibles 3 in 1 Pantyhose

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Adapt your pantyhose to suit any occasion with the Convertibles 3 in 1 Pantyhose. These pantyhose provide 3-way versatility due to their innovative toe flap design. It’s the only hosiery that actually opens and closes at the toe. The exclusive seamless toe flap allows you to wear them as a closed toe, open toe or ankle high. Likewise, the closed toe flap converts to an open toe by simply flipping it over and under the toes. The easy roll-up feature exposes toes and feet, making them ideal for open shoes, pedicures, podiatry visits and more. Made in the USA, the pantyhose feature a premium quality pull-resistant woven 20 DEN yarn to be resilient. They’re sheer throughout the leg and complete with a soft waistband, which gives them a better fit with shaper enhancing control. Moreover, the silky yarn adds resiliency and allows your skin to breathe. The Convertibles also include a hygienic cotton gusset. Available in nude and black, the Convertibles are the ultimate fashion accessory for all-day comfort, fit, support and style. They make wearing pantyhose a delight.

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