Native Union Gripster 360° iPad Case

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Unlock the potential of your tablet with the Native Union Gripster 360° iPad Case. Providing your iPad with extra protection, this case is also vital for getting the most out of it. On the back of the Gripster is a highly useful and innovative handle with a lot of potential. The handle itself extends out to become an instant kickstand. In addition, the Gripster has an elastic band built in. Sliding your fingers into place, this extra grip gives you the dexterity you need when you’re working on the go. For when you’re on the move, the Gripster totally unfolds and becomes a handle for effortless carrying. With such a firm hold, you don’t need to worry about dropping your beloved device. Finally, the case itself has one final feature for your convenience. Finally, the back is complete with a leather Apple Pencil holder.

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