Aquaautomat 4- Stage Water Purifier With ZEROcube Technology

$338 USD
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A complete solution for household water purification needs is finally on Kickstarter in the form of an unprecedented all-in-one purifier Aquaautomat -“Fine curves”. This innovative purifier is based on ZEROcube Technology (ZERO Water waste, ZERO Installation and ZERO Contamination). This is the first time that a product like this is being launched on Kickstarter . While the regular purifiers give 1:3 ratio for clean to wasted water, this futuristic purifier is armed with zero water wastage backup. With this, you can be guaranteed of the purest water. With its patented filter change technology, the filter change won’t be a nightmare anymore. It could be changed easily and hygienically just in seconds. By using Aquaautomat you won’t be only enjoying the purest form of drinking water but will also be supporting their mission to save water with its Zero waste water filtering technology. The waste water is collected back in the feed tank that can be used for watering the plants.

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