560G Bike Lock by Altor

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Introducing the 560G Bike Lock by Altor, the lightest high security bike lock on the market. Weighing just 560 grams as the name suggests (just 1.23 pounds), this bike lock is made entirely of grade 5 titanium and has held up to rigorous testing including a chisel, high heat, freezing, sawing, and even a 4-foot bolt cutter (spoiler: the 560G won each time). The unique angular design of the 560G is comprised of three hinges to fit around virtually any region of your bike and the item it’s being secured to. It’s also due to to these hinges that the 560G can fold neatly and compactly to slide into your pocket or bag with ease. To lock, you simply press a button so you don’t have to fumble with codes or keys. You can even pair multiple 560G Bike Locks together to extend the length to the security from wheel to wheel.

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