6 Pocket Sleeve for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

$48 USD
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Rishi Soekhoe (NEW-DNA) is reinventing the iPhone sleeve! Don’t hide it in your pocket, just wear it! With a revolutionary magnetic anti-theft system it is the best multifunctional iPhone 6 sleeve, that doubles as a smart-wallet! By wearing 6 pocket on your hip you minimize the stress and pressure on your phone. So bye bye bulky front pocket and bye bye bent-gate! Sitting down with 6 pocket is a breeze. Try it in a chair, on your desk, in the car and even while cycling! And when you need your iPhone it’s easy accessible —even when you are sitting!! Get the best sleeve you ever had! The 6 pocket has a revolutionary magnetic anti-theft system. It aligns automatically, snaps into place and locks your 6 pocket onto the beltloop. The anti-theft ring prevents it from accidentally getting off and shoplifting. Made from full grain vegetable tanned leather, 6 pocket’s design is new, revolutionary and is reinventing the iPhone sleeve! Rishi Soekhoe is constantly looking for ways to make simple things simple and to improve our lives with his products. Get the best sleeve you ever had! Docked is now funding on Kickstarter and available for €39/ €44 with free world wide shipping!

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