888 Series Large Titanium Cigar Tube

$1600 USD
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Leather, wood, and steel have all been used traditionally to create cigar pods. But what if the modern vagabond cigar aficionados want something different, something modern but similarly luxurious? With the creation of the new 888series, you can now reimagine the well-known cigar accessory with new functions and a distinctive appearance. The 888 Series is undoubtedly the ultimate VIP treatment for your favorite cigar, no matter how large it is. Even an 8.07” (205mm) cigar with ring 55 size (22mm) can enjoy the most optimal environment a fine cigar may get a CNC machined interior with an enclosed humidifier which ensures you will find your cigar in the same pristine condition as you left it before your journey. The humidifier can be filled without opening the pod – making this process easier and safer than ever before. Be it a wild African safari, a sailing adventure or a jungle roam, you can be sure that your well-deserved smoke is waiting for you in this robust but elegant cigar pod. Five pieces of precision milled titanium parts build up this astonishing object and the supreme level of craftsmanship shouts from miles. You can take one thing for granted: when you pull out your finest cigar from an 888 Series, your spectators will be amazed. And not because of the cigar.

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