Pimax 8K Virtual Reality Headset

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Experience virtual reality using your peripheral vision with the Pimax 8K Virtual Reality Headset. Offering a 200-degree field of vision, the Pimax 8K is close to matching our natural 220-degree FOV. With the Pimax 8K, you can just use your peripheral vision instead of having to move your head, allowing for a more intuitive experience. Additionally, the Pimax 8K reduces the screen door effect, which occurs when our eyes detect the fine line between pixels. This reduction allows you to become more immersed in the experience. Moreover, you can experience greater clarity thanks to 3840 x 2160 resolution per eye. The Pimax 8K’s modular design includes a wireless transmission module, hand motion, eye tracking, cooling fan and customized VR frame. Finally, the Pimax 8K is compatible with over 1,700 VR games and videos. There’s still no word on when pre-orders start or what the Pimax 8K will cost.

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