Actofit – The Perfect Workout Wearable

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Actofit is one of the world’s first fitness tracker that automates comprehensive workout tracking and provides an actionable insight on your workout regime. By using machine learning algorithms, Actofit goes deeper into advanced motion tracking to identify 75+ exercises, count reps, evaluate form, measure heart rate, calories burned and more to auto-log comprehensive sessions and granular workout statistics; thereby allowing you to evaluate data to make informed decisions. The device tracks steps, sleep, sports, continuous heart rate automatically and is water resistant at the same time. Actofit makes the process of tracking exercises as easy as tracking steps. Every exercise has a specific motion signature. Actofit analyzes that pattern to identify your exercise automatically. Built by tech and fitness enthusiasts, Actofit is born out of mere need and a real market gap, with the belief that 10k steps are an inaccurate metric to track fitness since not all exercises involve steps, providing Actofit the competitive edge. Actofit starts where most of the market leader wearables stop. Innovative, versatile and comprehensive.

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