Fader Plugs Adjustable Mechanical Earplug

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Effortlessly protect your hearing with the Fader Plugs Adjustable Mechanical Earplug. Fader Plugs allow you to control how much sound enters your ears. With an innovative and patent pending design, Fader Plugs incorporate a teeth interlocking mechanism that controls the different levels of sound attenuation. Similarly, as you turn the device, the teeth interlock. The more that you turn, the more the gate door that allows sound to enter closes. When the teeth close entirely, you are at maximum attenuation. In addition, Fader Plugs offer more sound definition. Comparable to a fader on a board, you can simply turn up or turn down the volume. Plus you don’t even have to take them out to do so. Additionally, its sleek and discreet design flushes against your skin and doesn’t protrude out. You can also choose to show them off or not, depending on your color choice. Finally, the device comes in both a custom and universal application.

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