aerelight A1 OLED Desk Lamp with Charger

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Introducing the aerelight A1 OLED desk lamp with charger. Available in your choice of a silver, red, or black finish, the base of this lamp elegantly hides and ultra convenient integrated wireless charger. With simple lines and a stunning structure, the organic LED light is held 16 inches above the base and displays a beautifully soft, glare free light. The light is powerful and bright as it gives double the illumination of a standard office light but the aerelight A1 will never strain your eyes. The OLED can also be easily dimmed simply by touching anywhere on the aluminum frame. The wireless charger is both Qi and PMA compatible to work with a variety of phones, tablets, and cases. The charger is concealed with a single piece of smooth walnut wood to add to the sophistication of the aerelight A1.

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