Autonomous SmartDesk 3 AI Standing Desk

$499 USD
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Improve your health while you work with the Autonomous SmartDesk 3 AI Standing Desk. Using AI power, this work desk combats burnout and enhances your productivity. The electric dual-motor desk measures your activity in real-time and lets you know when it’s time to sit down or stand up. The built-in AI assistant also offers smart suggestions to help you stay focused and as productive as possible. For example, it might ask you if you’d like to order some food before lunchtime so you don’t succumb to irritability. The SmartDesk 3 provides shortcuts to save your time and effort. Over time, the desk recommends more shortcuts based on your priorities and needs. Moreover, the SmartDesk 3 predicts when you’re getting tired and reminds you to drink water or move around. By syncing with your Google Calendar, the desk knows your schedule and helps you make the most out of your time.

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