FRESHeTECH Air Lock Bag Resealer

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Easily save your leftovers and keep them fresh with the FRESHeTECH Air Lock Bag Resealer. Featuring innovative micro-thermal technology, this device makes it quick and convenient to reseal plastic bags. By creating an airtight seal, the Air Lock stops food from going stale without using rubber bands, clips or clamps. Likewise, the locking feature keeps the heating element hidden away. Additionally, the bag resealer is rechargeable via micro USB and doesn’t require any batteries. In fact, two-hour recharge gives it enough power to make over 1000 seals. To use the Air Lock, flip from Lock to Seal mode. Then fold over the top of the bag and squeeze the air out. Begin three-quarters of the way down the opening and slowly move in one direction while squeezing until the end. Then cross the initial seal at any angle and pull through to the end to finish.

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