Airflow Audio Wireless Headphones

$59 USD
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Change the way you listen to music with the Airflow Audio Wireless Headphones. They come with a patented sound delivery technology that provides more air space to create a live concert-like experience for you on the go. The credit goes to the airtube created inside the earbuds that have the speakers placed about 6 inches away inside the speaker chamber. As a result, there lies a spatial gap between the speakers and the earbuds which results in better sound development, much like a recording studio. To be more specific, Airflow comes with 3.73 cubic inches of air space as compared to the 0.46 cubic inches of traditional earbuds. That being the technology, let’s now talk about the design. These earbuds have a magnetic ear-cap providing a quick and convenient way to wear your headphones around the neck when you are not using it. Whether it’s a peaceful isolation on the subway commute to work, a few hours a week in the gym, or just talking to family and friends, these headphones are designed to match your everyday lifestyle.

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