Revolve Airless Folding Wheel

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Experience a wheel that matches your foldable transportation with the Revolve Airless Folding Wheel. Featuring a compact and simple design, the Revolve Folding Wheel helps save space and time. Occupying less than 60% of its original size, Revolve simply opens and closes through a simple action. Additionally, it comes with two handles that either lock or unlock the wheel you unfold it. When you fold Revolve, you can easily store it for traveling, in your bag, in your trunk, at home, and more. It’s also compatible with the majority of bicycle and wheelchair designs. Likewise, Revolve works with just about anything that uses large bicycle wheels. Furthermore, Revolve uses a puncture-proof airless tire, making it ideal for any conditions. Finally, Revolve features a stable hexagon structure that makes it safe and reliable.

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