AirPod Skins Wireless Headphone Protectors

$8.25 USD
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Keep your latest accessories safe and sound with the AirPod Skins Wireless Headphone Protectors. This clever system attaches directly to the Apple AirPods. Available in a variety of fun and vibrant colors, it keeps your wireless headphones from damage. Despite the protection, the AirPod Skins are extremely minimal. They allow you to use, store, and charge the Apple AirPods as usual and won’t get in the way. The AirPod Skins are extremely easy to attach. First, gently peel them off their card. Second, align them to the Apple AirPods. Finally, firmly adhere the AirPod Skins in place. You can mix and match colors to represent your style or even sports team. Best of all, your expensive earbuds get all the protection they can get.

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