Apis Handmade Leather Boots

$229 USD
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Take a step towards luxury with the Apis Handmade Leather Boots. This spectacular design showcases formal footwear at its best but without the hefty price tag. From the laces to the sole, the Apis Leather Boots are built to last both with style and wear. The boots feature an ultra strong stitching to secure the upper to the sole. This creates a better hold but also allows for resoling. Inside the Apis Boots is a natural cork filling to make every step a delight. In addition to comfort, the cork absorbs odor to keep these boots fresh. Inside is a stunning leather liner that also absorbs odor and is super durable. Finally, the leather upper of the Apis Leather Boots comes directly from a tannery for quality assurance. Aging beautifully over time, these handmade beauties are the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

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