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Almost every one loves feeling a confidence. Because there are no obstacles for you in these moments and you can do anything. AromaCase help you to be confident at moment when it is really needed. AromaCase the world’s first of the protective cases for the iPhone 5 / 5S / 6, which consist a replaceable cartridge with 20 ml of your favorite authentic perfume absolutely any brand. To spray the perfume, you just need to press the button on the upper part of the case. Despite the imposing size of capacity with perfume, AromaCase is very thin and easy to use. The body of case is very durable and surely protects your iPhone from damage, and the construction is simple and watertight, that eliminates any malfunction in the future. Case consists of two main parts: on the upper part of the body is a button for activate perfume sprayer and a lower part which consist the cartridge with the perfume. Cartridges with the authentic perfume are very easy to fixing and change and include perfume that you like (ranging from cheap brands and particular fragrances). You can order the cartridge on our website or with a special application on your iPhone. To pre-order AromaCase subscribe to our site to be aware about starting our campaign on Kickstarter. Subscribe until November 15 and you get a discount on all our products.

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