STEMosaur Artificial Intelligence Interactive Toy

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Enhance your child’s education with STEMosaur! This artificial intelligence interactive toy helps your kids learn core STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering & Math. This is done through its construction kit, conversation and kid-friendly coding panel. Unlike traditional methods, STEMosaur keeps fun at the forefront of learning by incorporating jokes, story-telling, games, and the ability to answer your child’s educational questions in real time. You and your child can construct STEMosaur together with the kid-friendly assembly instructions. Even during this process, your child is learning engineering basics. Once constructed, the STEMosaur will roar to life, suggesting games and answering questions. The device gets weekly over-the-air updates so your child receives age-appropriate content that keeps learning fresh and engaging. This means the STEMosaur will learn and grow with your child. Finally, it has a custom-made kid-friendly coding panel, where kids can learn the principles of coding and code their own content into their very own STEMosaur. Through this combination of fun and personalization, your child will learn like never before.

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