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Atomic Bands Kinetic Gaming Wearables

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Become part of the game like never before with the Atomic Bands Kinetic Gaming Wearables. Worn on your wrists or ankles, these bands make you a part of the game. Amazingly, the Atomic Bands are able to accurately approximate full skeletal body tracking. Along with haptic feedback, the Atomic Bands use your movements to control the game. These intelligent bands conceal a gyroscope and accelerometer, Bluetooth technology, and a 9-axis motion sensor. You can use them for rhythm training, gesture recognition, and more. Because they’re on your body, the Atomic Bands offer incredible accuracy for movement in games. Compatible with a full range of games, you can dance, box, go to the gym, and even do Kung Fu all from the comfort of your living room. The Atomic Bands bring your games to live while giving you a great workout.

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