NAVION Augmented Reality Car HUD

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See live navigation aids right on your windshield with the new NAVION Augmented Reality Car HUD by WayRay. This clever device takes a new approach to GPS, with graphics overlaid on the real world. For instance, you see a line on the road to show where your next turn should be. The heads-up display also places a miniature map in your eyeline, meaning you never need to look away from the road. Unlike other aftermarket HUDs, NAVION uses graphics with multiple colors. This allows the system to highlight important information. Furthermore, the WayRay system has a much wider field of view than most HUD products. With hyper-local mapping data and a front-facing camera, this HUD is also very smart. As a result, the graphics always line up perfectly with the real world. Look out for the aftermarket version of this device, arriving later this year.

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