90Fun Puppy 1 Auto-Follow Suitcase

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Upgrade the way you travel with the 90Fun Puppy1 Auto-Follow Suitcase. Like the name suggests, this special little suitcase actually follows you around just like a puppy. Syncing to your smartphone, the Puppy 1 autonomously follows each and every one of your steps. Perfect for places like large hotels or the airport, this technology totally lightens your load. In fact, the suitcase actually employs technology from Segway. The Puppy 1 leans slightly forward on its two wheels when in motion which is very similar to how the personal vehicles move. The 20-inch suitcase is the ideal size for a carry-on and offers plenty of space for everything you need. Coming in a sleek silver exterior, the Puppy 1 is the best travel buddy you can have.

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