Ring 2 Rechargeable Battery Security Camera

$179 USD
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Bring your home safety to a new level of convenience with the Ring 2 Rechargeable Battery Security Camera. As an upgrade on the original, this new camera offers an extremely easy way to recharge. Unlike the original, the Ring 2 has a slide-up mechanism to reveal the battery. You can then remove it and charge it indoors. Previously, you would have had to remove the entire device to access the battery. The Ring 2 also sports high-quality specs that take your home security seriously. The 1080p HD camera captures everything in stunning detail. It detects movement as someone approaches your doorstep and alerts you via the app on your smartphone. In addition, the video feed begins instantly when someone rings your bell. You can also access the feed at any time. The Ring 2 also offers two-way communication so you can talk to whoever is on the other side.

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